Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Genocide in Gaza

Rather than write a lengthy essay documenting the genocidal murders of the Satanic state of Israel, we thought we would post a comment from an Israeli sniper who openly boasts of murdering children.
The following paragraph is from Veterans Today, 8/12/2014, author Kevin Barrett, 9/11 Probe Closing In On Israel
On the very day I wrote my article about Israel’s policy of intentionally mass-murdering children, Israeli sniper David D. Ovadia posted a picture of himself with his sniper rifle on Instagram boasting: “I killed 13 childrens (sic) today and ur next ***ing muslims go to hell bitches.” Rather than prosecuting this war criminal, the Israeli media and authorities are making a half-hearted effort to cover up the crime – just as they did with the more than 600 sniper murders of defenseless children documented by British Medical Journal in 2004.
The Jewish military and civilian government have done absolutely nothing to reprimand this action. Why? Because they are the very entities who encouraged and authorized it. This soldier was acting under orders.
These foul, vile, subhuman pukes in Israel are the very reason we wrote our own article, Three Reasons to Annihilate the State of Israel.

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