Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nixon, Watergate, and JFK

New evidence has emerged tying together Nixon, Watergate, and JFK. While we are not yet certain that Nixon was a principal player in the murder of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, his presence in Dallas was no accident.

The latest evidence involves the notorious CIA hit man Bernard Barker of Watergate fame, one of the arrested burglars at the Watergate Hotel on June 17, 1972. While the newsfakers in the CIA controlled media have gone to great lengths to portray the burglary as a bungled, incompetent affair, it was anything but. The CIA does not send people to burglarize hotels without cause.

It turns out that Barker was also present in Dealey Plaza, behind the famed grassy knoll, at the very moment when Kennedy was shot. In fact Barker was one of the shooters. We believe that his shot hit the president in the throat.

Dallas Police Department officer James Tague was one of the bystanders of the ambush who was hit in the face by a ricocheting bullet fragment, probably from the Dal-Tex building or the jail house where another Dallas Police Department thug or a Dallas County sheriff was squeezing shots at the president.

At least 2 people - and in fact many more - saw a suited man behind the fence of the grassy knoll handing a rifle to a "railroad" bagman who disassembled it for carriage back to the CIA. Tague reported that Sergeant Harkness identified the shooter as Bernard Barker.

Corroborating his story is the deaf-mute man, Ed Hoffman, who saw the same events and people from his position on the Stemmons Freeway. Thus is it is a certainty that there were assassins behind the fence of the grassy knoll, and that the trigger puller was Bernard Barker.

We now have one strong tie between the Kennedy assassins and the Watergate break-in. We also have a very strong tie between the CIA and the murder of Kennedy, as well as to Watergate.

Nixon also had strong connections to the murder, although one could argue, perhaps tendentiously, that he was yet another patsy. Our view was that he was an accomplice. It is laughable to contend that the powerful Bush and Rockefeller protégé, and maybe stooge, was in Dallas on company business with Pepsi, out of the blue. The more reasonable explanation is that Nixon, or his handlers, specifically planned for the meeting in Dallas because he and they knew that a president was going to be murdered.

Nixon's ties to the assassination come from a group known as Operation 40 which was a CIA thug group involving Cubans, created by Nixon when he was still vice president. Its real managers were George Bush and Allan Dulles, both of the CIA. Bush was the leader of Operation 40, the group positioned in the Dal-Tex building which created Kennedy's back wound, or his second head wound.

So why did Barker show up 9 years later, along with fellow murderer Frank Sturgis, to rob the Watergate? The most likely explanation is that the scum felt that the Democrat National Committee chairman, Larry O'Brien had materials related to Operation 40 and/or the JFK assassination. Thus they needed to get the evidence before it fell into the wrong hands.

Nixon later used threats of exposure of the Kennedy assassination to coerce the CIA into covering up Watergate, and rightly so. After all, Watergate was a CIA operation. In the end, Nixon was overpowered and lost his power struggle, an outcome which could be interpreted to mean that Nixon was being patsified in Dallas; yet he knew more than was good for him.

The triangle is unbroken - with Bernard Barker identified as one of the assassins, we have the finger prints of the CIA on the murder of the century.

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