Sunday, August 10, 2014

9/11 2.0 Is on the Way

Recent pronouncements and specific reliable sources have caused us to conclude that another attack on the United States is in the planning stages, and will take the lives of 100-200,000 Americans and illegals in a nuclear assault.
The first announcement came from former vice president Dick Cheney who directed the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Cheney has made his rounds, especially on Fox News Network, warning of another imminent attack. If anyone would know about impending doom, it is the draft dodging Cheney.
It is important to understand that Cheney, along with Donald Rumsfeld, Rudolph Giuliani, George Bush, Sr, George Bush Jr, Wirth Walker, and other elements of the Bush Crime Syndicate planned and orchestrated 9/11. The documentation is extensive supporting the allegations, which documentation we do not have the space to rehearse. It is imperative that residents of the United States take great care in heeding the monster's words.
The second announcement came more recently when ISIS - the joint Israeli-American terrorist organization invading the Middle East - announced an attack on all US interests world wide. This warning was confirmation that planning had entered its final phase, and that a slash and burn march on America was in the works.
Finally, one of our reliable sources confirmed that planning for another 9/11 is indeed in progress and will replicate the first attack on orders of magnitude. Replication does not necessarily refer to an attack on New York City or iconic landmarks, but rather the use of nuclear weapons.
The attacks of 9/11 - either on the WTC or the Pentagon - did not involve airplanes. The news media cooperated with the Bush Crime Syndicate to broadcast the faked images showing airplanes implanted in the WTC. Projectiles did hit all buildings, especially the Pentagon, but they were not Boeing 747s, 777s, or 727s - or any other airplane. Anyone who has modified a picture with Photoshop could understand the technologies used to deceive us with fake televised images.
The buildings were blown up by nuclear devices of at least 4 kilotons. Early in our investigations we were deceived into believing that nanothermite was the destructive substance which blew up the central pillars of the building, but we have since learned that it is not sufficiently powerful to do even a fraction of the damage observed. Those still adhering to the nanothermite theory are either behind the times, or part of the deception to defraud Americans. It turns out that particulate iron was the byproduct of the nuclear explosions, meaning that we and others had confused cause and effect.
Our sources inform us that 100-200,000 people will be murdered by the Bush Crime Syndicate, CIA, JSOC, and other elements who work for Mossad and Rothschild Satanists. Indeed, the leading actor in the 9/11 attacks was Israel, the number 1 terrorist state on the planet. Israel is a colony of the Rothschilds, and has iron grip control on the United States. If you think that we are describing the tail wagging the dog, you are correct. The relatively small rudder of a ship is an extremely powerful device.
Although we cannot state the place or time of the attack, it will be the continental United States, and it is at most a matter of months - not years - before the assault occurs.
As for motive, the impetus comes from the British royalty who despise people, calling them "eaters" as the Satanic Prince Phillip did recently. The oligarchs seek 1-2 billion reduction in world population, permanent war, and total control of all life.
Voting for either Republican or Democrat will worsen the effects of martial law. The Social Security Administration has ordered billions of bullets to be used against Americans during a brutal regime change. "Obama" has been purging the military in Stalinist manner, leaving only his sock puppets in place.
Some may accuse us of fear porn, or other childish pejoratives, but the evidence is coming in consistently that 9/11 2.0 is on its way.

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