Sunday, August 10, 2014

Remember the Murrah Building

The destruction of the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK on April 19, 1995 was covered up as quickly as it happened by the same crowd which produced 9/11. We have uncovered shocking facts which most Americans have never learned and could scarcely fathom concerning this false flag attack on the United States by foreign and domestic traitors.
In studying the actors involved in the crime, it is very clear that the finger prints of George Bush, Jeb Bush, and other elements of the Bush Crime Syndicate cover the crime scene, but they were ably supported by Bill and Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno, and a bevy politicians such as Oklahoma governor Frank Keating, brother of the crook Charles.
We will require 2-3 articles to fully plumb the depths of this conspiracy by an entrenched cabal of traitors, but this opener will skim some of the extraordinary facts of the Oklahoma City bombing.
Let's start with motive. The Murrah building had become a repository for documents substantiating the many criminal activities of the Clintons, including the Whitewater development scam, the innumerable financial scandals, drug crimes, and murders all directly and indirectly associated with the Clinton Crime Family. The easiest way to destroy them was to destroy the building housing them.
With the motive, it was not at all difficult for the BCS to recruit the Clintons, especially since Bush, Sr was the Rockefeller/Rothschild satrap who ruled the country anyway. He intentionally threw the election to Clinton, so it was simply a matter of back scratching to murder babies and adults.
But there were other primary motives, such as vilifying the militia movement, a fact which William Colby admitted in a letter to attorney John DeCamp prior to the former's murder in 1996. While we are glad that the mass murderer was murdered himself, the former CIA director had a problem with candor which made some of his fellow criminals a bit uneasy.
But the real payback from the event was the passage of anti-terrorist laws which efface the Constitution, a document which the perpetrators - the Bush and Clinton crime families - despise.
We would be remiss in overlooking the role of Israel and a gaggle of foreign agents which they brought into the country to plan and execute the crime. If you think that Timothy McVeigh or Larry Nichols committed the crime, you err.
The story that fertilizer could demolish a structure such as the Murrah building - or any other for that matter - is sheer science fiction. But this theory has become the Magic Bullet Theory of the OKC Bombing. The complicit and completely treasonous news media pound this story relentlessly, just as they do the drivel from the Warren Commission Report. The reason is that every single one of them is a traitor.
The fact of the matter is that powerful demolitions attached to center pillars of the building by BCS mechanics caused the building to be blown up from the inside out, a fact which demolitions expert General Partin has pointed out repeatedly. But even the general has understated the case. The demolitions were not ordinary explosives, but rather low grade nuclear devices, the weapon of choice for the BCS.
Finally, we discovered strong evidence that the government's patsies - McVeigh and Nichols - escaped unharmed from legal jeopardy. Timothy McVeigh was not executed. He acted through a fake execution staged on national television because stupid Americans needed a show trial to make them feel good. But the truth of the matter is that McVeigh was wheeled out the back of the execution chamber, and taken to Montana where he underwent plastic surgery to alter his appearance, and to have his finger prints changed. Whether or not the latter is possible we are still investigating.
There are numerous parallels to the 9/11 attacks which demonstrates the continuity of strategy of the BCS-Mossad attacks on America. Most notably nuclear weapons were used in both attacks to destroy central structural pillars. Foreign mercenaries were used to do a lot of the dirty work, and as always, the terrorist state of Israel was the leader in the activity. We note that in the intelligence world, Mossad is the senior partner under direction of the Rothschilds, while the CIA takes its orders from Mossad.
There is much more to develop, but if you don't know any more about the US-Israeli attack on America, commit these facts to memory.

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