Friday, August 8, 2014

Meet Julian Assange, Limited Hangout Artist

Julian Assange created waves when he appeared a few ago threatening to expose secrets of the oppressive statist governments which rule the world. It turns out that he is nothing more than a limited hangout artist sponsored by the Rothschilds.
We admitted that we were quietly optimistic that Assange would reveal enough information to awaken Americans from their endless, hopeless, stupor, but we were disappointed. We were also disappointed that more revelations were not forthcoming from the self styled renegade intelligence connoisseur. However, we finally discovered his links to the Rothschilds, dispelling the mists of optimism for truth telling.
An interesting video published by TheGetjiggy on YouTube reveals the connections of Assange to Jewry and the Satanic Rothschilds. In a remarkable moment of candor and truth telling, the video refers to Evelyn Rothschild as "This piece of shit" earning our confidence about his story.
The producers document the elite and powerful Rothschild owned law firm Fox Rothschild, LLP as the firm which owns the United State Senate which in fact obeyed Rothschild's demands to deliver TARP funds to bail out Rothschild financial interests in the wake of the planned Lehman Brothers attack in 2008.
So after a lot of rambling, the producers show that Jemima Kahn, who through lineage is a Goldsmith, which family is tightly intertwined through marriage to the Rothschilds, used the Fox Rothschild law firm to over turn a ruling from a British judge to shutdown Assange's website leaking information.
At the same time, the Rothschild owned The Economist gave its New Media Award to Assange in 2008. Also, Mark Stephens of Finers Stephens Innocents, an advisor to the Rothschild firm Waddesdon Trust, was lawyer for Assange.
And to tie it all up, we have learned from Veterans Today that Julian Assange is a great admirer of genocide artist, murderer, and butcher Benjamin Netanyahu. So we have Rothschild family and agents defending Assange, and Assange who is a great admirer of an Israeli mass murderer who is head of state of the Rothschild colony of Israel. It seems that the circle is unbroken.
One of the interesting points of the Assange affair is the degree to which the Rothschilds have access to American - indeed worldwide - government secrets and cables. Assange was sent forth to put all governments on notice, particularly the American, who was boss, and one of those oligarchs is Evelyn Rothschild.
The other point of the Assange affair was to create a fake hero of the people, to throw them a bone to satisfy their outrage at the criminal enterprise which is the Rothschild Empire. This wicked web of satrapies is served by a skein of constituents including the Rockefeller Nazis and Bush Crime Syndicate, to name just a very few.
At the end of the day, Assange was a messenger to world leaders to instruct them to fall into line, especially the Americans. And so they did when they passed TARP, and have ever since.
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Anonymous said...

Great article. A link to the video would have helped, but I found it anyway. Julian always looked vaguely reptilian to me, now I know why...