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US Government Murdered John Lennon

While the corporate media has created a pat version of the murder of superstar singer John Lennon, it is a lie straight from the pit of hell. After analyzing the evidence of the case, we are forced to conclude that the US government murdered John Lennon on December 8, 1980.
Most Americans are too young to remember Beatle-mania and the huge cultural presence of the ex-Beatles, especially of John Lennon, but their influence was epic with political overtones, and unrepeated since their time by musicians. While Paul McCartney would take up right winged politics with Bill Clinton and George Bush, Lennon stood as an iconic obstacle to the warmongering of those same people with whom McCartney would cast his lot.
It was this powerful political and cultural influence of John Lennon which caught the paranoid attention of the Nazi Nixon administration and FBI murderer J Edgar Hoover, which ratcheted up surveillance and deportation efforts against Lennon around 1971.
By 1980, with the advent of the Reagan-Bush government, the Nazis had planned extensive use of US military in Central America and the Middle East, both of which required the destruction of domestic political opposition. Consequently the US government, under the aegis of the Bush Crime Syndicate, targeted John Lennon for murder.
The official story claims that a “lone nut” in the person of Mark David Chapman murdered John Lennon. Although Chapman was present at The Dakota apartment complex where Lennon stayed with his wife Yoko Ono, it is doubtful that Chapman fired at Lennon and he certainly didn’t murder him.
The newsfakers told the story that Chapman called out to Lennon before firing at him. However, none of the eye witnesses to the murder made that claim. Instead, a man from an alcove with a silenced gun stepped out from hiding to fatally shoot Lennon. Chapman had a 5 shot revolver but at least 8 and most likely 10 shots were found at the scene of the crime.
Many have noted similarities between the murder of Lennon and the attempted murder of President Reagan 3 months later.  Both operations used a “lone nut” who used Catcher in the Rye as a triggering mechanism; both assassins were involved with mental hospitals for treatment, and both were involved with World Vision, an organization with ties to George Bush Sr and the CIA.
Other ties with George Bush include the doorman Jose Perdomo, a man involved with the various anti-Castro operations in the early 1960s led by a Mr George Bush of the CIA. Bush led variously Operation 40, Alpha 66, and Amlash, operations ostensibly for the assassination of Fidel Castro, but in reality fronts for the murder of President Kennedy.
Perdomo also worked for future FBI Director Porter Goss in anti-Castro operations in Florida during the 1960s as well. In short, Perdomo was quite connected with the CIA underworld of political assassinations.
Perdomo discussed the Bay of Pigs and his membership in Brigade 2506, and the assassination of President Kennedy with Chapman during the 10 or so hours he lingered waiting for Lennon to return home the night of December 8. Bush was a leading but still somewhat junior partner in both activities. But the interesting aspect about Perdomo is that he was not identified for 6 years after the murder of Lennon. Why would an eye witness to a sensational murder be hidden by the newsfaking organizations and the powers in government who controlled the crime? The only plausible explanation is that he was one of the murderers.
Chapman was the patsy – a mind control subject as was Sirhan Sirhan whom the CIA and Bush Crime Syndicate used to murder Robert Kennedy in 1968. Both John Hinckley and David Chapman went through the same mind control training, both men having visited the same spots on their visits to New York City. Chapman and Hinckley were both involved in the same World Vision “ministry” which was in fact a CIA front used to recruit murderers for their assault on Central America.
As in so many other state murder operations, the case was solved within in about an hour or so with volumes of obscure biographical information pouring forth from the newsfakers, meaning that the murder was a carefully orchestrated operation of the CIA and FBI.
And how do we know that the FBI was involved? Simply because it refuses to release the room full of information it collected on Lennon in the 1970s for "national security", meaning that it does not want to release its planning details of the murder.

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