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George De Mohrenschildt's Sad Last Days

George De Mohrenschildt (1911 - 1977) was a Russian émigré whose lasting contribution to American history is his role in aiding the revanchist revolutionaries in their murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963. He died under mysterious circumstances, but we shall clear the air.
De Mohrenschildt came from a wealthy family, earned advanced degrees, and harbored ambitions for reclaiming the social status his family lost in the Russian Revolution. He arrived in the United States in 1938 where spent much of his time marrying wealthy women to satisfy his taste for the good life.
Although a social climber he found time to earn a degree in petroleum engineering and to provide information to the CIA. Along the way, he became connected to Lee Oswald when the latter was assigned to Dallas, handling him for the spy and espionage agency by transmitting orders to its intelligence agent, and relaying back to the agency Oswald's various requests, such as the one requesting time in Mexico after his final assignment.
De Mohrenschildt knowing much about the Kennedy murder and Oswald's relationship to it, decided to write about it, perhaps to cash in, or perhaps to create a bit of insurance. This gift of gab did not go well with the plutocrats whose CIA forcibly admitted him to a mental institution for brain washing.
Sometime around 1976 or so, he decided to write his long time colleague George Bush of the CIA to request a reprieve from his hound dogs. Living in Florida, he was summoned by the House Select Committee on Assassinations, particularly Gaeton Fonzi,  to discuss what he knew about the murder of Kennedy.
With his previous inclination to tell secrets well known, the Bush CIA murdered him with shots to the head from a rifle, which according to the corrupt coroner were self inflicted. Perhaps the folks of Manalapan, FL could only afford a blind coroner. Contrary to the many false stories about melancholy and suicidal tendencies, De Mohrenschildt had made an important appointment the day of his murder for the next day which he would never keep.
We recently obtained information about evidence suppressed by the Florida police department handling the case regarding some of the evidence of the murder. Although it is well known that a witness heard a car speed away from De Mohrenschildt's place of residence immediately after hearing gun shots, it is not so well known that the comings and goings of the assassin were taped.
Someone  - perhaps a house keeper or his daughter - was taping a show or some other event at the time the assassins entered the residence. Short beeps are heard in addition to the gunshots. Those beeps were the sounds that doors with electronic security make when they are opened and closed.
The tape recorded the beeps when opened, the gun shots, and beeps when the door was closed. Clearly someone entered, killed, and left. And the police became angry when anyone had the temerity to ask about it. It was best to keep silent if you didn't want a killer cop to show up at your front door.
A lot of folks were dying mysteriously during the HSCA hearings, De Mohrenschildt being just one of many whose tales the junta did not want anyone to hear.
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