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US Nuked Middle East

The United States bombed the Middle East with nuclear weapons during its invasion of the region in 2004 as well as during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006.
According to Veterans Today December 6, 2013 edition, the US used nuclear weapons in the Fallujah in 2004, and later in Lebanon in 2006. The nuclear warheads were artillery rounds which wreaked enormous havoc on civilians and US soldiers, to say nothing of the Iraqi soldiers.
Scientists Dr Christopher Busby and Dr Leuren Moret discovered through epidemiological studies that the US military used large quantities of nuclear weapons in the region. Cancer rates and birth defects were at least 10 times higher than normal and compared with other regions, while hair samples of people in the Fallujah show large concentrations of radioactive elements.
The burns and deformations of the babies are heart rending, and another disgusting chapter in the Nazi assault on the Middle East.
The US and UK supplied Israel with radioactive weapons whose bomb craters in Lebanon reveal radioactive material including enriched uranium. The scientists are not positive about the specific nature of the warheads, but they believe that neutron, conventional low yield, or a new hybrid nuclear weapon was used in both areas.
The Israelis have been using nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons throughout the region for years, but are now suffering a backlash on their men’s sperm count. According to a recent peer reviewed journal article published in Israel, the authors discuss the rapid and astonishing decline of sperm count in men living in Jerusalem, in terms of both quantity and quality. Over a 10 year period the counts in young men have declined 40%.
At the present rate of decline, Israeli men will no longer be able to reproduce, or require expensive procedures to do so. Although Veterans Today surely misquoted the article when it claimed that Israel would cease to exist by 2020, we believe that what the article actually said is that Israel’s birth rate would fall to 0 by 2020 if present trends continue.
We know that God will always keep Jews on this planet, but we need fewer of the kind who use gruesome tactics to harm others. And we are by no means anti-Semitic - our contempt is even handed for any people who use nuclear weapons - especially Americans.

Israel’s Mossad works hand in hand with the CIA to stir up trouble in the Middle East, and now it is paying the piper as they have so radiated their home land on the false pretext that they needed to nuke it for “their own safety.”
In another twist, Jim Willie reported this past week that Iraq indeed had weapons of mass destruction but that they were weapons supplied by the US and UK to Saddam Hussein. This, then, was one of the leading reasons to invade Iraq before Hussein could blackmail the Bush Crime Syndicate.
Although we have touched on it in the past, we must stress again that Hussein was installed as dictator of Iraq by the US and under the urging of the Bush Crime Syndicate. Indeed George Bush Sr was an important business partner of Saddam Hussein and the House of Saud. The Saudis were leading financiers of the attacks which the Bush Crime Syndicate carried out against the United States on September 11, 2001.
The abusive treatment by the American Nazis of the Middle East is yet another reason that adult supervision will emerge to oversee the complete removal of the CIA and BCS from the Middle East.

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