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Harvey and Lee Bunk

We reported not too long ago that the Harvey and Lee theory of William Armstrong suffered some damage when we learned from Judyth Baker that many of the alleged discrepancies in the so-called Lee and Harvey profiles were misunderstandings or contrivances of myth. We go a step further by calling the entire thesis pure bunk.
As veteran researchers of Lee Oswald may know, Armstrong has presented a series of ostensibly baffling paradoxes in the Oswald history in his Bugliosi length tome purporting that they can only be resolved by the introduction of two separate persons, one named Lee who is the phantom Oswald, and Harvey who is the public Oswald who was shot on national television on November 24, 1963 when the Dallas Police Department arranged for his murder.
The theory further states that the discrepancies in Oswald's biography began as early as kindergarten and persisted all the way until his death. Examples of the anomalies include school attendance records, military records, photographs, various sightings, linguistic capabilities, and others. So where is Occam when you need him?
One interesting example concerns his teachers who would sometimes identify Oswald as Lee and sometimes as Harvey. Lee despised his middle name Harvey, which in turn caused the kids at school to taunt him with it, which frequently led to fist fights. Because they could easily yank his chain, his classmates would frequently call him Harvey, causing the teachers to think that his first name was Harvey. So rather than Harvey and Lee there is only Lee Harvey - one and the same person.
Baker, with a degree in anthropology, has noted from physical characteristics that many alleged Harvey and Lee photos are indeed the same man - Lee Oswald.
To further complicate matters, Lee told Judyth that he knew he was being impersonated after his return to the United States, and in some cases approved of it since these sightings of him protected him or helped his intelligence activities.
The trip to Mexico City in September 1963 is often presented as the archetypal paradox demonstrating 2 Oswald's. Although Photoshop had not been invented yet, its principles were at work, such as when Lee was shown coming into the US embassy.
While there was an Oswald impersonator connected to the Mexico City trip, it does not prove the life long existence of Harvey and Lee as in a bad DC Comics adventure of heroes and anti-heroes in multiple parallel universes.

There was also the Oswald imposter in the Texas Theater, a certain Roscoe White who confessed on his death bed to his pastor that he killed several people as assignments given to him, most likely from the CIA. This is the man whom we believe murdered J D Tippit. Again, the presence of Oswald imposters does not prove or require the existence of Harvey and Lee.
What is more interesting is Armstrong's background with US Army intelligence. Although we cannot  dogmatically assert guilt by association, we can suggest that Armstrong may have introduced poisonous information into the Assassination pool as a way of perpetuating confusion. The fact that the Sixth Floor Museum carries his book is sufficient evidence for us that Armstrong is at best mistaken, and more likely a disruption agent.
Our biggest question is, Where is Armstrong's Lee? Did he die when Harvey was shot? The main reason for the Harvey and Lee hoax is to erase the memory of Oswald so that the truth of the Kennedy murder can remain perpetually buried.

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