Wednesday, December 11, 2013

News Flash: US Government Preparing for Bail Ins

Most snoozing Americans have no idea what a bail in is, but one is about to come to a too big too fail bank near year.
With 70% of all US banking assets concentrated in 4 banks, the risks of a failure have increased dramatically since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Earlier this year, the government of Cyprus rescued its banks by confiscating the assets of depositors. The same tactic will be used in the US.
European officials declared bail ins as official policy when speaking of the Cyprus bank collapses, warning that more were coming. The European Union is a testing ground for the US, a place where policies are verified before implementation there. US and UK banking officials have been testing bail ins for at least the past year, using Cyprus as a laboratory as well as their own computer simulators.
Those who are foolish enough to believe that Cyprus acted without US and UK pressure are naïve beyond description. FDIC Chairman Martin J. Gruenberg has announced bail ins as FDIC policy and will execute them to rescue the plutocrats' banks and wealth. Bail ins only apply to the little people, meaning the bottom 95% of depositors.
Although depositors below a certain threshold were exempted in Cyprus, we believe that the exemption was a cover to pacify American observers into thinking that exemptions would apply in the US. We believe that all depositors will be taxed to support the Mammon banking system.
The important point to note is that the FDIC and other government agencies do not conduct bail in exercises for academic reasons. They do so because they know that one will imposed, which we suspect will take place some time in 2014.
The US banking system is a completely fraudulent Ponzi scheme with excessive derivatives risks which cannot possibly be covered in the event of a call for redemption. One small triggering event could cascade across all 4 banks which own 99% of all derivatives - the most dangerous of which are interest rate swaps. JP Morgan Chase is reeling from the London Whale trade fiasco from May 2012 and is still hemorrhaging from those losses which will reach the 100s of billions of dollars before they are unwound.
The important point is that the triggering event has already occurred. Deutsche Bank is in deep trouble according to Jim Willie, meaning that the banking system is at its penultimate rendezvous with meltdown.
Depositors must consider their tolerances for asset confiscation which could easily amount to 20-50%. "Customers" should be outraged by these overt Nazi policies by marching in the streets over the very idea that the government could seize property without due process to support the ravenous 5% who focus with ferocity in destroying the US and plundering its wealth.
The concentration camps in America which Jesse Ventura documented are standing by for rounding up those who are unable to survive in the Nazi state and the loss of their monies. We cannot stress enough the importance of securing your wealth as the financial collapse of America proceeds.
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