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Why Hale Boggs Was Murdered

Hale Boggs (1914 - 1972) was the Majority Leader of Congress from Louisiana whose plane disappeared in October of 1972 while campaigning for Nick Begich of Alaska. We believe that Boggs’ plane was sabotaged – in the time honored fashion of political assassinations – because Boggs was “unstable.” But therein lays the secret.
Why was Boggs unstable and why would it matter? Based upon new evidence we have obtained concerning the International Trade Mart and its connections to the Rockefellers, we are certain that Boggs’ knowledge and involvement with the murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 was the source of that instability.
We all know that loose lips sink ships, and Boggs - a World War 2 Navy man would know that – should have admonished himself with those words of wisdom before speaking to Jim Garrison, the courageous district attorney who prosecuted unsuccessfully Clay Shaw for his involvement in the murder of the president.
In Oliver Stone’s movie JFK, Boggs is observed expressing misgivings about the conclusions of the Warren Commission, of which he was a member. His membership on the commission was no accident based upon the history of the International Trade Mart we obtained. Boggs was described as a good friend of that Rockefeller front organization which had its genesis in International House, another Rockefeller front organization founded in 1924, 3 years after the founding of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Boggs was selected for the Warren Commission precisely because he was a reliable puppet of the plutocrats who knew that he would ask no embarrassing questions while working on the cover-up committee.
Why Boggs began sending signals that he might talk or have second thoughts about the Warren Commission Report is beyond our grasp at present. Why would he betray his benefactors? Was he whining for more money to keep silent, about which the Kennedy killers tired?
Whatever the specific trigger, he was clearly murdered – in our opinion – as part of a larger clean-up operation which would claim the life of Dorothy Hunt a couple of months later in another airplane “accident.”
The important lesson is that Boggs was closely allied with the International Trade Mart of which Clay Shaw was director, and the ITM was closely allied with the Rockefeller International House which was the economic analogue – of sorts – to the CFR.
But the connections do not end there. Another prominent member of the ITM was Dr Alton Oschner who headed the research effort to develop the highly lethal cancer weapon which was ostensibly created to kill Fidel Castro, but which in reality was a centrifuge for the Kennedy assassination.
Oschner funded several efforts which involved Lee Oswald, whose fake pro Castro activities, such as Fair Play for Cuba, were part of an operation designed to flush out pro Castro sympathizers. The important point is that Oschner was heavily involved in framing Oswald and supporting the murder conspiracy against President Kennedy.
Oschner’s ties to the intelligence world and Latin America ran deep and wide, a web of murder which included the Rockefellers, Dulles, and Bushes, connections which we will develop in future postings.
Boggs’ close association with the ITM gave him information which would implicate Shaw and Oschner, information which he most likely supplied Jim Garrison which Garrison used in hunting down Clay Shaw.
We have read reports that Boggs had a drinking problem near the end of his life, but we cannot corroborate that. It could have been real or contrived by the newsfakers in the press. If contrived, it could be used to explain away some accident. If real, it would explain the fear of the murderers about being implicated in the crime of the century by the Congressman from Louisiana with loose lips.

History of International Trade Mart, 1974 [Details forthcoming]

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