Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jack Ruby the News Reporter

There is a well known photograph showing Jack Ruby present with reporters covering an appearance of Lee Oswald after his arrest on November 22, 1963. We have long wondered why Ruby appeared impersonating a reporter, but we now know why.
In conversations with Judyth Baker, who knew both Jack Ruby and Lee Oswald, we discovered that the reason for Ruby's appearance with the reporters was to warn Oswald that he was going to be murdered. Ruby stood on a low table looking at Oswald to let him know that his end was imminent. The table provided additional height, insuring that Oswald could not miss his colleague.
Because much of the mob was Catholic, they provided warnings to victims so that they could do last rites or repentance prior to death. Ruby of course was Jewish, but he worked under Carlos Marcello's direction from New Orleans.
Oswald was nominally Lutheran - mostly agnostic, but recorded his religion as Catholic in Mexico so that he could obtain a quick marriage by a Catholic priest - about the only kind available - when he returned a few weeks later with Baker.
When Ruby telegraphed his intentions to Oswald, it was a sign of respect. Normal victims were visited like a thief in the night to be murdered without so much as boo. We also believe that Ruby was displeased to carry out the task, but knew that disobeying it would cause as many troubles as obeying.
Another sign that Oswald was given a respectful murder was that he was shot in the side of the abdomen, a reference to where Christ was stabbed with a spear. The mob are ritual killers, whether or not they warn their victims.
This explanation further buttresses our previous contention that Ruby did not murder Oswald because of his concerns about Jackie Kennedy. Oswald was the designated patsy in a ritual murder planned by people going all the way back to James Angleton and his plutocratic bosses on Wall Street.

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