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Who Murdered Mary Sherman?

Mary Sherman (1913 - 1964) is another somewhat obscure footnote in the assassination of President Kennedy who was murdered for knowing too much. The newsfakers of the time of her death attributed her murder to a random act of meanness, but we mean to set the record straight because the truth is stranger than fiction.
Sherman was a famed oncologist whom the highly reputable cancer authority Dr Alton Ochsner brought to Tulane University in New Orleans in order to help him study cancer. The studies turned out to be research for developing a bio-weapon to induce virulent cancer.
Ochsner had assembled a first rate mod squad of researchers to complete the weapon. The prominent players besides Sherman and Ochsner were Judyth Vary Baker, David Ferrie, and Lee Oswald, all of whom worked in offsite labs to grow the cultures and mice to produce the weapon.
Considerable work was done in David Ferrie’s apartment and some in Sherman’s, not to mention lab work at Tulane. Judyth Baker provides detailed accounts of her work on the project, and the collaborations of these 5 individuals, in her ground breaking book Me & Lee.
Ochsner’s explanation for the weapon was that it was needed for “national security” – in other words the murder of Fidel Castro. The only problem with the story is that it was a lie. Castro was the boogey man of Latin America whom the CIA installed as its pretext du jour whenever it needed to stir up the Red Menace to turn on the spigots of cash for its wars of imperial aggression. George Bush Sr was the bagman who carried money to Castro in the early days.
When 4 of the 5 researchers discovered that they had not been working on a weapon targeted at Castro – a highly inane idea in the first place due to the preparations required on a victim to make it work – they realized they had been used, but not sure how, and not sure how it related to Kennedy’s murder by the CIA.
But Ochsner knew the details and relationships, having intimate ties with the CIA through International Trade Mart which CIA employee / asset / operative / and bagman Clay Shaw directed. The ITM was another CIA front, this one targeted at oppressing Latin America – a long time custodial province of the Rockefellers. George Bush Jr does not have a humungous ranch in Paraguay for nothing. And the Wall Street Nazis who installed Adolph Hitler in power also hid their Nazi puppets all throughout South America.
Interestingly, Ochsner had ties to Brazil where he conducted business for the CIA.
Fearing that Sherman might say something wittingly or not when the Warren Commission went on its road show south, Ochsner murdered her. She was found dead in her apartment on her bed with severe burns and puncture wounds. The New Orleans police, as corrupt as the Dallas Police Department, cooperated in the cover-up of the murder.
But how do we know that Ochsner, the world renowned oncologist, murdered the internationally esteemed Dr Sherman? New evidence has emerged showing the extent and nature of the burns suffered by Sherman. Even casual observers would recognize that a bed fire could not have produced the burns she endured. Besides, there were no burns on the mattress.
Sherman was murdered by a linear particle accelerator, a very sophisticated piece of machinery requiring very carefully controlled access and supervision. The number of people with the necessary access to it for use as a murder weapon was exceedingly few. And among that handful, only Ochsner had both the authority and motive to murder Sherman.
Ochsner murdered others as well. As part of his medical research, he infected people with viruses and other foreign agents without their consents or knowledges. In fact, he sent Oswald and Baker to a mental health hospital in Louisiana to infect prisoners brought from Angola State Prison for his cancer weapon experiments. Death was brutal.
Ochsner also used this weapon on Jack Ruby after the mobster confessed things to journalist Dorothy Kilgallen, which things ought not to have ever been confessed. Ruby died a short time thereafter.
The finger prints of Ochsner are all over the murder of Dr Sherman as well as others who got in the way of his defense of “national security.” Her knowledge of his nefarious management of the cancer weapon, and more significantly his handling of Oswald, proved too big a risk for the thug to take. So, Ochsner murdered a single, defenseless woman to protect his reputation. What a man.

The macabre deeds of New Orleans are seeping up through the marshy bogs like so many putrid corpses. The fog is lifting and we can finally bring closure to so many unexplained murders, knowing full well that the CIA is no longer able to keep its dirty, murderous secrets.
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