Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Role of Ruth Paine in the Murder of President Kennedy

Whatever worthy cause, whatever noble endeavor, whatever good deed Ruth Paine may have done in later years to expiate for her misdeeds in the crime of the century, the woman is evil incarnate, being a principal agent who maligned and framed Lee Oswald as the murderer of President Kennedy.
Ruth Paine has a long career as a CIA asset who has long done the agency's business, starting at least with her involvement with the Oswalds in 1962-63. Acting as a spy on spies, she kept tabs on Marina Oswald, who had come to the US as the new wife of CIA agent Lee Oswald.
Following her betrayal of both Marina and Lee, she often went overseas under the guise of a social or humanitarian worker who snooped around to keep her contacts in the CIA informed of the businesses of foreign peoples. USAID is a well known CIA front organization which often works alongside “missionary” organizations to conduct intelligence operations.
Paine also worked with her ex-husband Michael to frame Lee. In 1963, writing from Washington, DC where she spent the summer, she informed the Oswalds that Marina could stay with her after she returned from New Orleans, and that she would pay for her living and hospital expenses. The quo of the quid was that Marina would teach Ruth Russian, but this too is misleading as Paine knew Russian already and was spying on Marina for CIA.
When Paine appeared before the Warren Commission, she presented Lee as a deadbeat who had essentially abandoned his wife. This was not the case, but the truth is far more complicated than most folks know.
Lee kept his wife isolated because he did not want her learning English due to her associations with the USSR and KGB. The less Marina knew in the very Cold War world of the early 1960s, the better. The real problem is that Lee was at risk of losing his child, whom he loved dearly, should Marina be deported back to the USSR. Therefore a very low profile with minimal suspicions was the order of the day.
As we have explained elsewhere, James Angleton was determined to murder Lee because in his book Lee was compromised goods. Oswald had been a trusted false defector in the USSR, something which Angleton never trusted. Angleton himself was as corrupt as Judas, but we save that story for another day.
Paine also came to the rescue for the Warren Commission by falsely claiming that Lee’s Minox camera was hers or Michael’s. The camera was most emphatically Lee’s as he was a superb photographer who worked in a very sensitive photographic assignment during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
The problem with the Minox, an advanced camera at the time used in spy operations due to its compact form, was that it did not comport well with the Lone Nut Theory. What was a lone nut doing with a Minox camera? Could it be because he was an intelligence agent?
If there were any doubt that Ruth Paine and her husband helped frame an innocent man, we refer our dear reader to the taped telephone conversation between Ruth and Michael where one tells the other on the day of the assassination that they know who murdered the President and it was not Lee. That of course did not prevent Ruth from giving false or misleading testimony about Lee to the Warren Commission whose job was to cover up the crime by framing a patsy.
If there were any doubt that Paine was involved in the frame-up, there are a couple of closing considerations. After November 22, 1963, Marina Oswald never again spoke with Ruth Paine, who to that point had been considered a dear friend. The other point is that Ruth bought up at least 4 homes after the murder with funds which came from who knows where. Prior to these purchases Paine had lived very modestly in a ranch house in the Dallas area.
Ruth Paine should be a person of interest in the crime of the century. She knows far more than she ever admits, and what she does admit is a lie.
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Bill C. said...

FINALLY! Me. Bonn, I have been able to find something about the hidden identity of a "player" in the assassination,one Ruth Paine, who has always seemed to me to be THE most suspicious,albeit THE most covered-up missing link across the entire spectrum of names and faces associatd with 11-22-1963. for me, it started with the all too coincidental "fact" that she heard about a job opening for her poor unemployed friend LHO and "managed" to direct him toward the DSBD just weeks before the assasination.This part of the official story stunk to high heaven,for me, from the get-go.Aand she was a "Quaker" , huh? That was supposed ro put her immediately beyond reproach and above suspicion.I would remind people that Richard Nixon was also officially a Quaker. PS---what or where is the telephone call you refer to between Ruth and her husband Michael. Thanks for your insight,and research.

Tony Bonn said...

I am so glad that there is someone else out there who sees through the Quaker act and noticed immediately that co-conspirator Richard Nixon was also a Quaker - which at the end of the day means absolutely nothing. And this is no offense to true Quakers.

I will have to pull the details from my notes, but I received information from Judyth Baker, and read previously to that, that someone overheard a telephone conversation between Ruth and Michael immediately after the assassination stating that they knew Oswald did not shoot the president - that the "authorities" - ie the criminal Dallas police department - got the wrong man. since the Paines knew exactly what was going on, they knew that Oswald was not guilty.

the call occurred in Dallas not long after the cia murdered the president.