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2014: Plagues of Biblical Proportion

2014 will mark the beginning of the years of many sorrows, the opening act having been the crashes of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers starting in early 2008 – neither of which was an “accident.” The following analysis is based upon information provided by Jim Willie in a recent interview with Turd Furgeson to which we add our own interpretations for good measure.
We have already given our own warnings about the US which is a kleptocracy running on borrowed fumes. The Rockefeller Nazis and Bush Crime Syndicate have plundered the USA for its wealth and gold, and have safely absconded with it to offshore locations. But the carnage is only starting.
The economy will spiral out of control as quantitative easing is exposed for the fraud that it is. The wholesale debasement of the currency which was used to continue lavish bonuses to criminal banksters and bail outs of their incompetent, Ralph Kramden inspired investing schemes will catch up with the currency in even larger inflation than we have seen to date. Just as Belshazzar was partying like a wild dog on the night he lost his life to General Gobryas’ invading armies, so Americans and their Nazi leaders smugly denounce any threat to their security and prosperity. But the joke is on them.
The US deficit has doubled under the watch of Rockefeller Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama, who promised very early in his administration that we would have trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see – and he was only speaking of the visible current year operating deficit. The other deficits would simply be repudiated.
This deliberate destruction of the currency to satisfy the Wall Street banksters was partially required by the mechanics of debt based currency. Debt based currency requires ever greater inputs of currency – hence debt - in order to keep from imploding – it is a Ponzi scheme on steroids. After 80 years, the capital base of America has finally been eviscerated to the point where deficits must be accelerated. You can safely ignore the gibberish about Taper Talk. It’s another lie of the US Fed.
On this point of inflation vs deflation, there is some reasonable disagreement. Professor Antal Fekete has argued that deflation is the pre-eminent threat, as 33 years of declining interest rates have depleted capital stocks, especially those of the banks. Indeed both Willie and Fekete would agree that the banks are insolvent zombies.
But we know from John Williams' work that inflation is much higher than the government calculates, so inflation is indeed a prominent threat. Fekete may prevail in that it is not hyperinflationary, but no one will deny the destruction of capital we have seen in this country as huge chunks of manufacturing have been moved offshores, resulting in chronic intractable unemployment, all of which is due to structural intangible capital destruction.
Middle East
Recently – within the last 1-2 years – the Chinese navy completely fried the entire electronics system on a US destroyer on patrol in the Indian Ocean. That destroyer is now in the Virginia naval yards being scrapped. The point is that Chinese military strength has reached parity or superiority over the US – and the Chinese are not spending 45% of the world’s military expenditures to accomplish that technical feat.
This development is not to justify a new arms race, but rather a strategic withdrawal as the American Imperium is overstretched and bankrupt on its corpulent lusts. This defeat of the US Navy in the Indian Ocean accompanies its defeat in the Middle East where Russia’s Vladimir Putin administered the US the biggest asswhooping since Viet Nam. Few recognize the strategic defeat of the US, but it was a geopolitical earthquake which signals the arrival of new overlords in the Middle East – Russia and China - who are friends again on the basis of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
The supreme arrogance of the Bush Crime Syndicate’s seminal Project for a New American Century had some early successes but is completely in ruins as Egypt and Syria demonstrate. The Saudis supposedly instigated American action against the Syrians, but we aren’t buying it. The US was acting on the Neocons’ (BCS) PNAC document created no later than the 1980s.
Willie believes that the US will tilt toward Iran, but that won’t go over any better than lice at a Ms Clairol hair styling event. The US has tortured Iran, the latest episode being economic sanctions – in collusion with its mullah’s we might add – and they are not going to forgive and forget so easily.
Indeed the reason for the attacks on Iran has nothing to do with nuclear weapons, which US officials have repeatedly acknowledged as non-threatening. The fear of the Iranian military is predicated upon as sound a reason as the fear of the Vietnamese in the 1960s - it was all a hoax by the leaders of the Military Industrial Complex to justify war, murder, and mayhem for Wall Street’s benefit.
The real reason for the attacks was Iranian acceptance of gold for payment of oil, bypassing the aging petrodollar arrangement facilitated by Nazi Henry Kissinger in the 1970s. However, with the arrival of Russian and Chinese military installations in the Middle East, the petrodollar will give way to the petroyuan.
The only asset propping up the US dollar is the US military, which the US trots out any time a nation, most recently South Korea, utters any interest in diversifying its portfolio out of the US dollar. But the stampede has started, with even the British establishing a Yuan swap facility with the Chinese. The sun is indeed setting on the American empire.
Finally, the US was repudiated in the Ukraine when Neocon hack John McCain stepped forth to support the repressive Ukrainian government under pressure from its people to resign. Again, the US was outwitted by billionaire criminal Putin. But US policy is run by rank amateurs beholden to the trivial Rockefeller Nazi interests.
The Sino-American war in Africa continues to rage, with the US sending in its proxy forces from France to aid the losing cause. That war will end no more favorably than the others.
We have reported the emptying of Fort Knox – the world’s largest store of nerve gas, but now insiders, such as Andrew Maguire, report empty London vaults with massive tonnage of gold shipped east to China where the story is rather complicated.
It turns out that the US defaulted on derivative obligations to secure the Chinese gold pledged in a quid pro quo to grant China Most Favored Nation status. The US granted the repressive corrupt communist regime this privilege because the Chinese put up gold collateral for the deal. The US stole the gold – it is gone, and then it defaulted on the securities payments, leaving the Chinese quite perturbed and short changed.
To pay for it, the US forced the British and Swiss to steal gold from allocated accounts, melt it, and recast for shipment to China. ETF accounts, private gold accounts, and companies with custodial accounts such as MF Global, have all been raided to pay off the Chinese. And lawsuits are flying like fur in a wild cat fight in Switzerland.
The African invasions are all about gold and rare earths, as the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was all about oil and heroin.
US banksters have been skimming a lot of gold, stealing enormous tonnage during the Clinton administration, but the bulk of gold has gone east where both the Russians and Chinese have at least 15,000 tons each! He who owns the gold makes the rules.
Although 2013 saw an incredible decimation of the price of gold, 2014 will see the exact opposite and then some. Its price will recover while the stock market flattens or declines. COMEX is dead. It has not delivered any gold in 6 or so months. It is nothing more than a pricing committee to fleece people of their gold.
Indeed the paper price of gold does not reflect its production costs. Consequently, more gold production is going dark, shrinking already tight supplies. With almost no gold in the West, we cannot fathom any scenario where gold would fail to increase in price in 2014.
Given the huge drainage of gold from the US, we have serious doubts about the gold content of US Mint gold products. Independent assayers overseas and domestically should assay the fineness of US gold, especially since the US disbursed an enormous amount of gold plated tungsten during the Clinton years, and we suspect subsequently as well.
Americans will begin to suffer acute privations in 2014 and should not expect any relief from the bankrupt and criminal US government. US unemployment is dropping because of statistical phenomena – not because of any hiring or economic improvements.
The first salvo will come with the bifurcation of the USD into 2 currencies. The domestic dollar will be devalued 60-80% just like banana republic currencies, and the foreign held dollars will continue as is. We expect to see the announcement in 4th quarter of 2014 or so.
The implication is that imported goods will skyrocket in price. Gasoline will be at least 10 USD per gallon. And since oil is a huge part of agriculture, food prices will double or triple as well. These price changes will force devaluations in houses and cars as demand will fall due to higher operating costs.
If you are puerile enough to believe that shale oil will bail out the US, a village might be missing its idiot.
And what about Deutsche Bank?
We previously reported Willie’s prognostications about Deutsche Bank, one of a group of 4 international powerhouse banks which sold German gold down the river for a pittance, but whose most egregious crime was falsifying data allowing unqualified European countries to join the European Union. The Maastricht Treaty required that certain debt ratios be met, and when it was not possible, DB lied about the numbers.
Willie remains adamant that DB is going under. This means a ripple effect from Bonn to London to New York City and beyond. We reported on the US government’s preparation by testing bail-ins which will arrive with force in 2014. Bail-ins will be applied to everyone – not just the large account holders. In fact, if the past is any indication, wealthy account holders will not suffer any losses. Only those at the 95 percentile and lower level will suffer confiscations.
But the ripple effects resulting in US bail-ins is only part of the story. The entire fraudulent house of cards, which is US banking, will collapse in controlled demolitions like which the Bush Crime Syndicate used to destroy the WTC. The problem is interest rate swaps which are currently destroying JPMorgan Chase. The London Whale Trade continues to eat billions of dollars annually, but with the collapse of DB triggering trillions in derivatives claims, DB will be only one of many banks to suffer meltdown.
This most interesting collapse has already begun as witnessed by the fire sale of One Chase Plaza to the Chinese. How is it that the primest of prime New York City real estate is sold to the Chinese government for over half off in what is supposed to be a robust real estate market? Don’t the talking turds on MSNBC, CNBC, and other newsfaking organizations remind us daily of the lush prosperity America is wallowing in due to the virtuoso performance of its economic wizards?
The reason for the giveaway by the traitors of Wall Street is that Chase has a vault right next to the New York Fed’s 9 stories underground as reported by Zero Hedge. This makes it very opaque to send the Chinese more gold – whatever is left of it and it is very puny – and more money. In other words, the Chinese control the US Fed and by extension the US government.
But how can this be, you ask? One narrative is that the Chinese are enemies of the US, and we would agree that there is no love lost. But the real source of the takeover is the Bush Crime Syndicate and Rockefeller Nazis. Remember that David Rockefeller denounced the US Constitution in his autobiography and everyone continued to make stupid jokes about tin hats. But the destruction of the US as a functioning independent power is required to elevate the plutocrats to ultimate power in a one world government where the poor 1% have spheres of influence but who in turn report to the .1% Rockefeller and Bush level Nazi scum.
In short, the Chinese are a tool to achieve the ultimate Nazification of the world. As such, we expect to see the dismantling of the US, starting with Alaska and Hawaii, begin within a year or so.
You see, it is one thing to own all the golden eggs, but quite another to own their goose. In a world of declining economic prospects, gold increases in relative value, but a viable company is a series of future cash streams which will handily outperform gold.
We hope our predictions – with heavy input from James Willie’s public commentary – are wrong, but beware of handwriting on walls.
Roasting Jackass on an Open Fire, Turd Ferguson, December 24, 2013, accessed 12/25/2013

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