Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Location of the Sniper Who Murdered the President

We have published a few articles recently with contradictory arguments on the location of the weapon which murdered President John F Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. After seeing blown ups of photographs supplied by a reliable assassination researcher, we concur again with Sherry Feister on the sniper location.
To review our arguments, we have asserted alternately that a sniper near the triple overpass, William Greer in the presidential limousine, or a device planted within the limousine was the source of the fatal headshot. Through all hypotheses, we have maintained that the shot came from the front since that is what the forensic evidence shows, particularly the analysis of Kennedy’s skull.
During JFK Lancer’s November in Dallas Conference November 21 – 24, 2013, we met Ed Tatro, a veteran first generation researcher, who showed us startling photos of a sniper in the area of the south grassy knoll. The blow ups of a well publicized photo show the silhouette of a sniper facing right holding a rifle.
While we do not have 100% confidence in the evidence, only for the reason that the silhouette is somewhat ambiguous and may have other interpretations, we believe that it fits well with the triple overpass scenario advanced by Sherry Feister, and is the safest conclusion as it has the best supporting evidence.
As a side note, this conclusion in no way vindicates Greer who was deeply involved in the murder plot, not the least of which act was his decision to stop the presidential limousine in order to afford the sniper the best opportunity to slay his target.
New facts may well emerge which cause yet another revision to our hypothesis. Whatever modifications follow, they will necessarily involve a shot from the front of the President.

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