Monday, November 18, 2013

Jack Ruby's Risible Reason to Murder Oswald

America was horrified as it watched Jack Ruby murder patsy Lee Oswald on live television in the basement of the Dallas Police Department jail on November 24, 1963. Ruby claimed he was doing it for the dead president's widow, but one would need electrical duct tape over his mouth to keep from cracking up with laughter.
Jacob Rubenstein was a long time mobster who got his start in Chicago working in Al Capone's gang, and was implicated in the murder of a Chicago public figure in the 1930s although he escaped prosecution. He continued his involvement with the underworld, moving to Dallas where he set up shop and maintained associations with crime boss Carlos Marcello.
The mob assisted the CIA in the November Coup against the American government when it murdered President Kennedy. Marcello and Ruby were key players in the conspiracy against the government. In fact this aspect of the crime is what guaranteed reporter Dorothy Kilgallen's murder after she interviewed Ruby, claiming that she had information to blow the case wide open.
When Oswald survived the theater fiasco, Ruby was assigned to murder him. The CIA's plans demanded that Oswald be dead so that it could convene a kangaroo committee to frame Oswald and deflect attention away from their murder and treason. The Jackie angle only helped seal Oswald's guilt in the mind of the gullible public.
Ruby and Oswald knew each other from their collaboration on CIA projects, particularly the cancer weapon the agency sponsored under the auspices of Dr Alton Oschner ostensibly to kill Fidel Castro. When Oswald saw Ruby approach him that bloody Sunday, he may have thought that Ruby would assist him with his legal predicament. Unfortunately, the mobster had one last victim before he himself became a victim of the cancer weapon he supported his comrades to create.
Jackie Kennedy was the farthest thing from the scumbag's mind. In fact, one witness spotted him with a pickup truck carrying rifles behind the grassy knoll for the assassins. So no, Ruby was not in the least bit concerned about Mrs Kennedy.
Ruby murdered Oswald to save his own miserable life.

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