Saturday, November 8, 2014

BIS Behind Precious Metals Collapse

We have long maintained that the US government and its criminal syndicates such as the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, and the Bank of International Settlements have colluded through their money center banks to manipulate down the price of gold and silver  to protect their criminal franchises as represented by the US dollar. New evidence from Paul Craig Robert and Andrew McGuire confirm our thesis.
McGuire is a London gold trader with numerous inside contacts and a long history of successful gold trading which give him insights into the backroom players who manipulate the price of gold. In a recent interview with King World News, McGuire stated that the Bank of International Settlements has been desperately smashing the price of gold in order to preserve the value and status of the dollar.
The BIS is a central bank's central bank in some ways, founded in the 1930 as a supranational organization which is subject to no government. Its entre into gold price manipulation is a new but not surprising revelation. McGuire's accurate accusation against BIS represents a new turning point in the war on gold.
Previously the major players have been banks such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, HSBC and other criminal banks working under the tutelage of the US Fed, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, BIS, and others.
The most recent smash down in gold involved a drop of well over 30 dollars per troy ounce precipitated by a speculator under no legal obligation to back the short sale of gold. The BIS whipped up 80 tons of synthetic gold out of thin air which it sold into the London Bullion and Metals Association market within seconds. Although individuals may not engage in naked shorting as the BIS did, criminal organizations are exempt from these rules.
Technical analysts who rely on charts for divining the future price of gold and silver simply cannot do so reliably because technical analysis assumes a relatively free market - something which is preposterously impossible within a crime syndicate.
Economist Paul Craig Roberts further cemented the case with his recent observations in King World News with analysis similar to McGuire's. Roberts noted that the recent suspension of the sale of Silver Eagles by the US Mint is due to massive demand, yet the price of silver has been falling. Whoever heard of a falling price of a good in limited supply when demand is at record highs? The problem is that artificially low prices of silver have reduced the supply of economically available silver.
As we have reported previously, gold continues to leave the West in a torrent pace to the Asian nations, particularly China, India, and South Korea. Russia has also been a large buyer of gold at fire sale prices. In addition, the same banksters who have suppressed the price of gold have also been stealing it a prodigious rate.
The collapse of the dollar is closer than most people think, with the BIS now entering the fray in a very large way to stanch the losses and inevitable collapse of the USD.

Eric King, Paul Craig Roberts Shocking Interview on Criminality of US Fed, King World News, November 8, 2014, accessed 11/8/2014

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