Saturday, March 31, 2012

9/11 Murderers and Accomplices, Update 1

This list represents our first update and follows in the wake of additional information mined from The Terror Conspiracy Revisited. We consider those with advance knowledge but who did nothing to alert authorities as accomplices, and if American, traitors.
George Bush, Sr Executive Sponsor
George Bush, Jr Executive Lieutenant
Donald Rumsfeld Military SME
Dick Cheney Chief Operations Officer
Wirt Walker IIIFinancial Beneficiary, Director Stratesec
Sally Walker Financial Beneficiary
James Woolsey Cover-up artist
Louis FreehLiason, cover-up artist
Rudy Giuliani TBD
HarryFinancial manager
Alvin Bernard “Buzzy” Krongard Financial manager
Marvin BushSecurity / insurance related
Neil BushSecurity / insurance related
Viisage CorpSecurity firm
Alex Brown & SonsFinance
George Tenet TBD
Nick Rockefeller TBD
George MuellerFBI chief at the time of 9/11 who systematically and ruthlessly
suppressed intelligence reports warning of imminent attacks on
American soil and was a major cover-up artist of the treason of
General Mahmoud AhmadPakistani ISI intelligence chief and CIA asset who handled
some payments to assault agents in the 9/11 attacks for CIA
Oded EllnerIsraeli intelligence agent who filmed the attacks
Omer MarmariIsraeli intelligence agent who filmed the attacks with great glee
Yaron SsmuelIsraeli intelligence agent who filmed the attacks with great glee
Sivan KurzbergIsraeli intelligence agent who filmed the attacks with great glee
Paul KurzbergIsraeli intelligence agent who filmed the attacks with great glee
Daniel PipesIsraeli intelligence agent and US citizen who met with Saudi
investors in France to raise capital for his Trireme
Partners to profit from Iraqi War for which he was  a major
Richard PerleIsraeli intelligence agent and US citizen who agitated long
and hard for Iraqi war. With Pipes and other Neoconcs was
an intellectual architectect of Middle Eastern wars of aggression

The above list includes not only perpetrators but those with advance knowledge of the attacks and who benefited financially or politically from that information. We have culled many of these names from a fascinating article by Lars Schall which presents the astounding evidence supporting the allegations that informed insiders traded the attack for their pecuniary gain. We continue to cull names from expert research on the 9/11 treason. We also pulled some of the names from Jim Marrs’ book which provides additional evidence pointing to the culprits.

The names on this list have been involved in suppressing information, thwarting and obstructing investigations, or involved in the attacks of September 11.

We assure you that the 9/11 Commission Report is a large mound of horse manure.

Insider Trading 9/11…Unresolved, Lars Schall

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