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Did a Boeing 757 Really Hit the Pentagon on 9/11?

The government’s official story of the explosion at the Pentagon on September 11, 2011 claims that American Airlines flight 77 crashed into the building’s west wall killing more than 185 people. Unfortunately for people who love the truth, this story is bucket of horse manure with decorative sprinkles on top.

Jim Marrs has produced a stellar account of the 9/11 attacks in his book The Terror Conspiracy Revisited which collates innumerable sources in documenting the holes and lies in the official cover-up. We draw much of our story from his account.

The 9/11 Commission asserts that a Boeing 757 allegedly carrying 64 passengers was commandeered by some al Qaeda agents, bearing box cutters and other lightweight weapons, lead by hijacker Hani Hanjour, a Saudi national who piloted the plane into the Pentagon.

The truth of the matter is that the American Airlines flight manifest indicates only 56 persons, 8 less than the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) count as determined from the morgue. Even more interesting is that none of the recovered bodies were Arab, meaning that not only were bodies added to the count to confuse investigators, but that no Arabs – hence no al Qaeda – were on the flight.

Hanjour is also the most improbable of hijackers. He is/was a slight wisp o’ will of a man who could have hardly overcome a stewardess let alone an airline captain, Charles Burlingame and his first officer David Charlesbois. Indeed, the in-flight data recording system shows that the cabin door never opened.

Even if Hanjour managed to overcome the pilots in the cockpit and walk through the door without opening it, he would have been entirely incapable of piloting the plane. He was rejected for a Cessna 172 single engine plane rental at Freeway Airport near Bowie, MD after failing to pass the required flying test in middle August 2001.

Finally, the necessary maneuvers to hit the Pentagon from 35,000 feet are practically impossible for an expert pilot, to say nothing of an unqualified Cessna wanna be jetliner pilot. Jesse Ventura documented this difficulty on an episode of his series Conspiracy Theory, and is reinforced by details provided by Marrs.

Thus it is impossible that Hanjour was even on flight 77 let alone its hijacking pilot. But did an airliner – a Boeing 757 to be precise – actually hit the Pentagon? The official cover-up as reported in the 9/11 Commission Report, asserts that raging fires consumed the massive behemoth leaving but mere fragments. Anyone familiar with plane crashes would split a gut laughing at the straight faced assertion, but eye witnesses to the crash deny any plane whatsoever.

April Gallop, an administrative specialist assigned to the Pentagon’s Network Infrastructure Services Agency, was working that fateful day when explosions ripped through the west wall. She and her infant son miraculously survived, leaving the building through the gaping hole in the wall. As she walked onto the relatively clean lawn, she saw nothing resembling a plane – no wings, no fuselage, no bodies, no nothing but scraps of metal or miscellaneous debris. A lingering civilian took her to the hospital since all of the ambulances called to the scene had already left.

Imagine how within a very short time from the blasts all of the medical evacuations could be complete.

Of course she was badgered and threatened by unidentified men to not speak, and news reporters were threatened with more severe consequences if they spoke to survivors. However, the salient fact is that no plane hit the Pentagon that day.

Gallop’s story is corroborated by the very limited video evidence recording the murder site. Pentagon brass and other goons responsible for the 80+ cameras watching the area immediately confiscated the video and adamantly refused to release its damning testimony. And in typical obstructionist fashion, the 9/11 Commission speaks nary a word about Gallop’s witness.

So if a plane did not hit the Pentagon, how did it suffer such damage? The answer lies in advanced technology involving remote controlled guided missiles. Innumerable witnesses, including NBC News and other state controlled media, as well as independent eye witness accounts, reported the presence of an airplane flying over Washington, D.C. in close proximity to the Pentagon bearing an unmistakable resemblance to an E-4B – a mobile command, control, and communications plane designed for use in emergencies.

Other witnesses with photographic support report a humped cylindrical projectile approaching the Pentagon at the time of its actual impact at 9:31-32 AM. This flying object corresponds with known guided missiles or planes, most notably the Global Hawk unmanned air vehicle. Military aboard the E-4B were most likely controlling this missile in addiction to the jet plane seen in the immediate vicinity of the Pentagon which disappeared along the Patomic.

At the time, most Americans were unaware that the military had advanced technology to take control of Boeing aircraft as a means of thwarting hijacking attempts. Using this technology, the crew aboard the E-4B guided the missile and airliner to their destinations.

But who was calling the shots on the missile? It was none other than Bush Crime Syndicate capo Dick Cheney. Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta testified to the 9/11 Commission in mid 2003 that he and others were in the White House Presidential Emergency Operating Center with Dick Cheney when a “young man” regularly interrupted the meeting giving Cheney a status on the location of the plane. At 10 miles out, the “young man” asked if orders still stand. Cheney responded emphatically in the affirmative.

While some may assert that these orders referred to shooting down the alleged 757 headed toward the Pentagon, they are misrepresenting reality. The Pentagon had an elaborate anti-missile defense system fully capable of shooting down any planes – especially a commercial aircraft. What I believe most dogmatically, is that Cheney was in direct communication with the E-4B commanding the Global Hawk to its target.

But this missile was not the only explosion heard at the Pentagon. In fact, the Global Hawk was fired largely to create a gaping hole to provide plausibility for the cock and bull story about a plane hitting the military’s top command center.

The real story, as happened at the World Trade Center, is that a micro-nuclear device was detonated at that outer wall. Depleted uranium was detected at the bomb site and persons such as Samuel Danner, a lifelong pilot witness to the attack, suffered radioactive disease – in Danner’s case lymphoma.

Even the evidence which has managed to escape the perpetrator’s control decimates the official explanation, making it as ludicrous as Arlen Specter’s magic bullet theory. The most reasonable conclusion concerning the Pentagon attack is that two separate missiles hit the building, one to deliver the depleted uranium bomb, and another to deliver the general explosives to open the hole, and possibly some other planted explosives. The airplane which some claimed to see would have been under the remote control of the E-4B operated by the Pentagon over Washington that day.

Americans have no conception of the pervasive evil operating that day under the aegis of the Bush Crime Syndicate. We wait another posting to explore the reasons for the perfidy.

The Terror Conspiracy Revisited: What Really Happened on 9/11, and Why We're Still Paying the Price, Jim Marrs.
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