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Demolishing the Warren Commission Report

We believe that so many more qualified historians and researchers have demolished the lies and deceits of the Warren Commission Report that another entry in the field might appear gratuitous. But since the battle for truth has been hard fought, we offer yet another reinforcement to the truth battalions.

The latest documentary to cross our desk was a superb video production by Ocular Politics, JFK II: the Bush Connection, which presented a succinct and easy to follow summary of the main evidence crushing the preposterous claims of that foolish rubbish published by the Warren Commission.

We note before proceeding with the main arguments that the Warren Commission was headed by one of the leading architects of the murder, Allan Dulles. Many analysts have noted the heavy handed control he exerted over the proceedings which lead the Commission to its foregone conclusions. The Warren Commission was not a court of law – merely a public relations device to deceive a nation and protect the conspirators.

Shots from the Front and All Around

The video and eye witness evidence overwhelmingly supports the claim that shots came from the front of the presidential limousine. Attendees of the parade immediately and instinctively ran toward the snipers operating behind the fence atop the grassy knoll. Ed Hoffman witnessed the entire event from the overpass where he clearly saw at least two men shoot the president. Furthermore, many people ducked to avoid bullet fire as they sensed it whiz over their heads.

Initial reports in the immediate aftermath of the assassination also confirm shots from the front. Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times reporter Tom Weikert reported that doctors at Parkland hospital documented a throat injury from the front. And to add icing to the cake, Kennedy’s assistant press secretary visually showed, during the press conference at Parkland Memorial Hospital, how the bullet from the grassy knoll sniper hit the president in the head, relaying what he had learned from Dr. Berkeley. The CIA news faker Peter Jennings lied to the American people when he omitted that part of the press conference from the ABC News documentary on the 40th year anniversary of the murder. But, then again, ABC News is a mouthpiece for the CIA.

Finally, if all that were not enough, the Zapruder film, which Time Life intentionally suppressed on orders from the CIA, clearly shows Kennedy’s head snapping to the rear and left.

All of this evidence, deliberately ignored by the Warren Commission, overwhelmingly demonstrates that shots came from the front, meaning that a group of conspirators murdered the President of the United States.

The Botched Autopsy

Perhaps the most important autopsy of the 20th century was performed by a doctor who had absolutely no experience performing a gun wound autopsy. Dr James Humes, whatever his talents, was completely unqualified and uninformed about the principles of forensic analysis and was therefore hired by the murderers to perform the inquest.

This quack of a coroner did not examine the clothing for bullet holes, did not dissect any of Kennedy’s entrance wounds, did not even know that he suffered a throat wound, lost Kennedy’s brain, and burned all of his notes. He was a perfect and willing tool of the CIA.

However criminal Humes was in his duties, the seven doctors who examined Kennedy at Parkland and Bethesda all agreed that the back of Kennedy’s head suffered a gaping hole where the skull was blown off by the lethal bullet shot. Even Walter Cronkite reported this observation on national television, a fact which the Warren Commission hid.

The Magic Bullet Farce

The Warren Commission introduced the laughably preposterous CE 399, the magic bullet which supposedly traveled all the way from Oswald’s toy rifle to Governor John Connally through Kennedy, a gun at which Italians laughed uncontrollably when told that the Manclicher carbine rifle was the killer’s weapon. They said that they lost World War II because of that junk rifle.

CE 399 was, of course, the bullet which the WCR claimed fell from Governor John Connally’s leg onto a stretcher at Parkland Memorial Hospital. The bullet was in pristine, bloodless condition after doing all of its alleged acrobatics. The stretcher from which the bullet was retrieved was not even the bullet on which Connally was carried.

Oliver Stone’s JFK shreds the magic bullet theory mercilessly as it simply could not account for the 13 bullet holes counted by Stone’s team. Including the shots into Kennedy’s body, holes were enumerated in the windshield of the limousine, on the pavement, and in the WCR. Eye Witnesses and the botched autopsy contribute to the veracity of this count.

Ocular Politics minces the idiotic notion that a bullet doing all of the Twilight Zone tricks attributed to CE 399 could survive unmolested by noting that significant bullet fragments were removed from Connally, and reporting test results of a bullet shot into much less dense material than the 7 wounds attributed to it by the WCR which makes it impossible for an intact bullet to survive.

The Casket Shell Game

The documentary shows two witnesses who describe the casket switch on Kennedy while en route from Parkland to Bethesda. At Parkland he was placed in a bronze casket on a sheet, yet at Bethesda he was removed from a pinkish grey casket in a body bag. In addition, photos show that his front head had been stitched together in a v-shape to conceal the location of the fatal head shot.

Again, the WCR does not document this evidence tampering.

The Patsy

Shortly after the assassination, the Dallas Police Department sent out faked witness reports describing a shooter dressed like Lee Oswald, then working for the FBI, who was promptly apprehended in the Texas Theater. Fully twelve hours after his arrest, Oswald was still not charged with anything. Absolutely no evidence existed to implicate Oswald in the crime.

Body Slump Propaganda

While JFK II presents other treasonous acts taken by the conspirators to murder the president, one outstanding feature of the plot, related to its cover-up, was the use of propaganda, particularly the phrase "slumped." The phrase, in different permutations, suddenly appeared all over the major accounts, including John Connally's, which is why we regard him as a murderer and conspirator. Connally is shown using that phrase on his hospital bed almost at the moment the phrase made its appearance elsewhere.

Of course the significance of the phrase, in case you hadn’t figured it out already, is that a slumping body contradicts what the Zapruder film shows – a violent head snap responding from a sniper’s bullet from the front.

The Smoking Gun

Finally, to provide a moment of truth, we see Frank Sturgis of the CIA, in testimony from Marita Lorenz, a CIA agent, boasting to her that “We killed the president.” Lorenz testified in the Hunt lawsuit against the Spotlight, that Hunt was indeed in Dallas on 11/22/1963. Lorenz begged Sturgis to let her leave Dallas when she figured out that he and his conspirators were planning a wicked deed.

We urge everyone to watch this documentary. However, we do caution you to ignore the bits about Nixon, matters which are far better treated by Russ Baker in Family of Secrets. If you are a anti-conspiratist nut, you will no longer be able to retain that stance after seeing this film.


Family of Secrets, Russ Baker
Personal Interview with Ed Hoffman, Tony Bonn

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