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Did Israel's Mossad Attack the World Trade Center?

Israel has long been regarded as an American ally if not an informal dependency. Thus it may come as a shock to consider the conclusion that Israel not only had foreknowledge of the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, but was materially involved in the devastating attacks.

One of the fundamental theorems of geopolitical calculus is that all planned actions benefit at least one party. In the case of 9/11 two major parties benefitted from the attacks – the Bush Crime Syndicate and the state of Israel. The former benefitted from a massively expanded despotic central government, while the latter benefitted from the elusive, vague War on Terror which yielded the tangible result of removing from power one of its prime enemies, Saddam Hussein.

We have revised our opinions about the virtues of Israel, not because we are even remotely anti-Semitic, but because the Israelis not only bite the hand which feeds them, but because they, too, have been involved in heinous terrorism themselves. The Israelis are not the poor, helpless, defenseless sheep they portray themselves to be.

Jim Marrs’ excellent book, The Terror Conspiracy Revisited, describes not only the foreknowledge which the Israelis had of the attacks but also possible participation in the attack itself. A strange brew of CIA, ISI (Pakistani Intelligence), and Mossad intelligence operations blended in a most potent brew to murder the occupants of the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and various flights on the tragic Tuesday in September, 2001.

The German newspaper, Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung, reported on September 13, 2001 that both American and Israeli intelligence received warnings from the Echelon communications spy system that hijacked planes would be used as weapons in an attack on American soil.

The Israelis put the information to good use, as the New York Times reported on September 22, 2001 that only 1 Israeli died in the WTC collapses. This information contrasted sharply with initial news reports that 4000 Israelis were assumed victims, a story which had its origins in Israel. The relatively light Israeli casualties strong suggest that Israel provided timely advice to avoid the towers.

The American Free Press reported that Zim American Israeli Shipping Co., owned by Zim Israel Navigation Co., which in turn is owned by Israel and Israel Corp., ended its lease for 2 floors at the World Trade Center North Tower in early September 2001 at a cost of 50,000 USD. Inquiries into the incident were referred to Silverstein Properties, the landlord of the towers and then to Howard J. Rubenstein, the land lord’s public relations firm – both returning stony silence to inquiries about the story.

At the time of the attacks in New York City, five Israelis, Oded Ellner, Omer Marmari, Yaron Ssmuel, Sivan Kurzberg, and Paul Kurzberg, were seen filming the attacks and dancing with extreme jubilation after the destruction of the towers.

When arrested, police discovered that their van contained maps, box cutter, and 4,000 USD cash. Research confirmed that two of the men were Israeli intelligence operatives. The FBI released them quietly back to Israel.

In 2002, a DEA report revealed that a ring of Israeli agents, in collaboration with Europeans and Russians, were operating a massive drug ring peddling Ecstasy. Interestingly, the Israeli spies operated in Florida, Texas, and California, mirroring the locations of the alleged al-Qaeda perpetrators. Eventually up to 200 Israeli nationals were detained by the FBI, yet the government continued its stony silence in the face of questions about foreign sabotage. Many of these spies were seen photographing and reconnoitering US military installations.

Marrs reports that many of these arrested spies posed as starving artists attempting to sell their art. Although claiming enrollments at Bezalel Academy or the University of Jersusalem, the claims fell apart since the latter institution does not exist and officials from the former state that none of the spies were enrolled at the institution.

Le Monde, the French daily, stated that this vast spy ring attempted to fight al-Qaeda, but our interpretation is different. We believe that the CIA had contracted with Mossad to keep track of the al-Qaeda agents to insure that these mercenaries were fulfilling their obligations to their paymasters.

Two of the spies worked for Amdocs and Comverse Infosys, Israeli firms which perform nearly all of the eavesdropping operations in the United States for the FBI. According to Charles Smith of NewsMax, these firms used their powers to thwart anti-drug stings. We take the point further by suggesting that these Israeli spies were protecting their comrades involved in the Ecstasy trade noted above.

Of course outrage and denials about the spy ring were swift and furious, with leading war mongerer Daniel Pipes of the Council on Foreign Relations issuing outraged denials. But methinks the lady doeth protest too much.

Richard Perle, also of the CFR and President Bush’s chairman of the Defense Policy Board, published a seminal strategy paper in 1996, during the Clinton years, describing a revolution in Israeli and Middle Eastern policy moving from peace seeking to regime changing, using relationships with Turkey and Jordan to accomplish Israeli goals.

Perle was subsequently found in France meeting with Saudi investors for his homeland security firm Trireme Partners. Perle threatened to sue journalist Seymour Hirsch who uncovered the story but the damage had been done and he subsequently resigned from his post.

The Israeli lobby, consisting of Pipes, Perle, and other likeminded fellow travellers, holds close associations with the Neocons who singlehandedly guided Bush, Jr. into launching the war against Iraq in consonance with the policy paper known as Clean Break, cited above. The main partisans to this clique are also CFR members.

We would note that the attack on Iraq was an abrupt policy change for the USA which had long supported Hussein since his assumption of total power c. 1979. It is thus quite likely that the Israeli lobby had undue influence in accomplishing this radical policy change, resorting to the fabrication that Saddam Hussein harbored weapons of mass destruction. Yet none of those phantom weapons were wielded to save his doomed regime let alone discovered.

General Hameed Gul, former director general of the Pakistani intelligence agency (ISI) – which is essentially a branch office of the CIA – stated that Mossad managed the 9/11 attacks. His view was that the Israelis considered the Bushes dangerous because of their affinities for the oil rich Arabs.

At this point, we note there is plausibility to that assessment because we have reported on the Nazi roots of the Bush Crime Syndicate, including Barbara Bush’s anti-Semitism. However, that interpretation is only half the story. Politics makes strange bedfellows, and we believe that the Bush’s were in bed with the Saudis, Pakistanis, and the Israelis, none of the parties knowing exactly what the other was doing to whom in the dark under the covers.

Gul’s statement more than likely deflects attention from his own agency’s involvement in funding alleged hijacker Mohammed Atta. Even so, two German intelligence leads – Eckhardt Werthebach and Adreas von Bulow give credence to Gul’s leaks, adding that 9/11 could only have been a state sponsored event – not the clever machination of rag tag group of terrorist cells.

Von Bulow associated Palestinian terrorist leader Abu Nidal with Mossad which clearly demonstrates the deep involvement which the state of Israel has with terrorism - a specialty they honed in the faked King David Hotel attacks following World War II.

Several foreign news reports also confirm the tight relationship between the CIA and Pakistani intelligence, including their funding of Atta. On September 11, Pakistani intelligence chief General Mahmoud Ahmad had breakfast with George Tenet, Senator Bob Graham, and Porter Goss, future CIA director. Ahmad's presence was - no doubt - to observe the fireworks first hand

We report on Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks not to foment anti-Semitism but to point out enemies of the American people, an ignominy they share with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia all of whom are led by the Bush Crime Syndicate. It is time that Americans awake from their stupid stupor to see that the world is not as it appears.

The Terror Conspiracy Revisited, Jim Marrs
Copyright 2010-12 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

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