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Why Did George Herbert Walker Bush Murder John F. Kennedy?

If you have been baffled by the byzantine maze of John F Kennedy assassination material which seems to lead to dead ends, we can point you to the tunnel leading to glorious light. Ocular Politics has produced a sensational documentary which builds a damning case against the 41st president as the murderer of Mr. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

It is bad enough for many to think that the Warren Commission Report covered up a murder, but it must be even more incredulous to think that a former president murdered John F Kennedy. Yet that is what the evidence in the fascinating documentary JFK II: the Bush Connection demonstrates with superb insight.

James Douglas presented in his excellent book, JFK and the Unspeakable, Why He Died and Why It Matters, many policy issues with which the plutocrats took umbrage. However, he did not cover – at least to our recollection – the straw which broke the camel’s back. Ocular Politics fills in the details.

As a conclusion to the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962, Kennedy promised Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev that he would dismantle various CIA operations and training camps from which sprung Operation 40, Operation Mongoose, Alpha 66 and other terrorist raids which had been executed against Cuba since 1960.

This action infuriated the CIA whose chief sponsors Averell Harriman, Prescott Bush, Alan Dulles, et. al. – all of whom were confirmed Nazis – had business interests in Cuba which they were desperately trying to recover in the wake of Castro’s takeover of the island.

Kennedy ordered FBI Director J Edgar Hoover to shut down the various training camps, including one at Lake Pontchartrain where Lee Oswald, working for the FBI, had visited the week before the FBI shut it down. Oswald, under FBI informant number S171, had been working for the FBI for 200 dollars per month following his return from the USSR under the fake defector program which was sponsored by the CIA.

This perceived betrayal by Oswald infuriated James Jesus Angleton, director of counter intelligence of the CIA, who reinforced his desire to murder Oswald, a desire first sparked by Oswald’s marriage to Maria, the daughter of a Soviet KGB Colonel. Angleton had feared that Oswald was a double agent and too dangerous to remain loose especially after he successfully infiltrated CIA training camps.

Realizing that Kennedy was following through with his promise to splinter the CIA into a 1000 pieces following the Bay of Pigs debacle, a threat reinvigorated by the raids against the CIA terrorist cells, the aforementioned Nazis activated the murder plans against the president.

George Bush was a senior officer in the CIA, admittedly operating under the cover of Zapata Oil, a CIA front ostensibly drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico 30 miles off Cuba’s north coast. As we reported elsewhere, Bush’s connection with the Firm had begun in the 1950s but the evidence from this documentary shows it to have begun in the 1940s after Bush left Yale, fertile recruiting grounds for the CIA. Notice that we did not say that Bush graduated from Yale. According to evidence amassed by Webster Tarpley in his Bush: the Unauthorized Biography, Bush left the university without meeting the graduation requirements – one reason why his records are locked up tighter than Barry Soetoro’s college records.

But the Yale connection is critically important because it is here where Bush joined the uber elite Skull & Bones fraternity which, contrary to its benign descriptions by out of the loop members, is a notorious concentration of wicked minds, which charge is given plausible deniability by the decent members who have been selected for the purpose of providing cover for the sinister ones.

But even Skull & Bones is a cover group for the elite plutocrats we mentioned above whose goal is to rule the world. The real plutocratic club represented by these Wall Street megalomaniacs requires intense loyalty and irrefutable demonstration of that confidence, even if it means murder of another man.

At least two memos from Hoover document Bush’s close association to the CIA in November of 1963 prior to and subsequent to the murder of Kennedy. The day following the murder, Bush flew from Dallas to Washington to meet with Hoover concerning the assassination. The producers of JFK II demonstrate that Bush and his compatriot were possibly armed with a needle gun capable of injecting a heart attack inducing toxin into its victim without leaving any evidence of assault other than a small pin prick.

The memo reported that Bush was the supervisor of the Misguided Cubans who were involved in the Cuban raids, but these Cubans, as we have reported elsewhere, were the same ones who pulled the trigger on the assault weapons aimed at the president. This connection links Bush directly with the assassins of the president.

It is thus doubtless – in our minds – that Bush supervised ground troops who rung the Dealy Plaza killing fields.

Bush flew to Washington to warn Hoover to stop messing with their operations or else he would be a dead man. Hoover could clearly perceive the seriousness of the threat from the murder of Hoover's prime agent Oswald. Previously Hoover seized Prescott Bush’s Nazi Union Bank in New York in 1942, and now he was meddling in CIA operations. Hoover responded deftly by creating the memo recording his conversations with a Mr. George Bush of the CIA.

But Ocular Politics does not stop there with the explanation of George Bush’s involvement in the plot to murder a man. They relate the cultures of the Skull & Bones and the plutocracy which require proof – an initiation rite – that George could be trusted to sit in on their business and machinations. That proof was cold blooded murder. With Bush implicated in the crime, he proved to his elders that he was worthy of the mantle of president, a gift given to him by the plutocratic elite.

We believe that Ocular Politics has produced the definitive guide to the Kennedy Assassination because, in addition to demolishing the Warren Commission Report, they provide the most compelling explanation of Kennedy’s murder.

Reference, Ocular Politics

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