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Did Hijacked Passengers Really Call Anyone on 9/11?

The 9/11 Commission Report and various news agencies at the time of the 9/11 attacks asserted that various passengers called family during the hijacking. Unfortunately, the evidence and technology for such conversations are entirely lacking, meaning that once again the government has lied to its people.

We consider the evidence in James Marrs’ fantastic book on the 9/11 attacks for our discussion, in addition to evidence submitted by former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura on his television show Conspiracy Theory.

One of the most famous stories to emerge in the early aftermath of the twin towers attacks was that of CNN correspondent Barbara Olson calling her husband Ted Olson who was the Solicitor General for the Bush administration. News reporters claimed without a shred of evidence that Barbara called her husband from the lavatory aboard American Airlines (AA) flight 77 to inform him that her plane had been hijacked by terrorists wielding box cutters, pocket knives, and possibly bombs.

What the fabricators of this lie forgot to consider was that cellular phone technology was incapable of operating at the speed and altitude at which jetliners fly. When the public discovered that such a call was impossible from a cell phone, the 9/11 Commission invented a new lie – this time she called from an Airfone installed on the AA plane.

Unfortunately for the liars on the 9/11 Commission, American Airlines confirmed that the 757s they operated did not carry Airfones. But even if they had such phones, they would not have them installed in the bathroom.

Ted Olson changed his story more times than a centipede would need to change sox. One possible and disturbing implication of this story is that Olson was complicit in the murder of his own wife. Why else would a man contort so much to defend the official story in the face of its impossibility? On the other hand, it is possible that Barbara was not on the flight as some stories suggest. Under this scenario, Olson was whisked to Germany for plastic surgery where she has lived under an assumed name.

Yet another interpretation of events is that Ted indeed received a phone call but that it was a voice synthesizer which generated the messages, a theory which both Ventura and Marrs present as highly plausible and likely. We, for our parts, are not certain that such technology was used in the Olsons' case simply because Ted’s story has changed so often. With a real synthetic call, he would have had a basis for stabilizing his story.

As touching a story as the cell calls are - and they were presented to create pathos for the perpretrators designs, they have no substantiation in fact. In other words, there are no transactional records from the phone carriers documenting the calls, a fact which the FBI used to conclude that there were no calls. Evidently the perpetrator of the story left some loose strings in the wake of his lie.

United Flight 93 is another telephone episode where the stories resemble Swiss cheese. The famous story of Mark Bingham calling his mother, Alice Hoglan, is one such example. In this instance, the stilted and illogical aspects of the call in fact suggest a synthetic voice prevaricated by the CIA or one of its accomplices. The fact that Bingham addressed himself as Mark Bingham to his own mother, even when she knew who was calling before she took the receiver from her sister, is an oddity without adequate explanation.

The government has claimed having tapes of these calls, which is another absurdity unless we understand the government to routinely tape all calls in the United States. But it is even more absurd when one considers that the calls were never made in the first place. The government claimed its ever paranoid lie of state security in refusing to release them, declaring also that they were evidence in the trial of alleged hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui. However, the government did not release the tape during trial – only partial and redacted transcripts, again suggesting that the evidence of the calls is malarkey.

Other calls from Todd Beamer, Tom Burnett, and others suffer similar anomalies. The most disturbing instance is that of Deena Burnett’s husband whose call showed from his cellular phone on her caller id. Since we know that these calls were not feasible in flight, it suggests that the perpetrators had taken the passengers hostage elsewhere while a fake flight 92 made its way allegedly toward the White House, where they were subsequently killed – not from the crash, but in cold blood. We will cover this subject more fully in another posting.

Finally, anyone who has claimed to possess tapes of in flight conversations, such as the FBI and American Airlines, refuses to release the tapes. The FBI also threatens dire consequences to anyone who dares speak of the contents of these fabricated drivels of fake evidence.

The hoax of the phone conversations is as great as the hoax that Barry Soetoro is an American citizen. It is past time that Americans demand accountability for the crimes of the Bush Crime Syndicate.

The Terror Conspiracy Revisited, Jim Marrs

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