Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Bush Crime Syndicate's War on America

When George Bush, Jr. declared war on terrorism in the aftermath of the demolitions of the World Trade Center towers, he was focused not on the middle east, but America. The interests which he represented consider America, just as does Justice Ginsberg, a terrorist state with its Constitutional government. Every action taken by this cabal since before the days of Prescott Bush have been to claim the United States as the rightful inheritance promised to them by Satan.

It may come as a shock that such a group as the Bush Crime Syndicate (BCS) exists and we admit that defining its membership is a challenge. However, we can say that many of the cronies documented by Russ Baker in Family of Secrets is a good place to start. The membership includes the cream of American and international society and encompasses some of the most powerful corporations in America such as Halliburton, the former Bechtel Group, and Carlyle Group. These short lists are by no means exhaustive.

We know that many people will genuinely embrace the argument presented by BCS thug Denny Chin, the federal judge who denied justice to April Gollop who brought suit against BCS elite George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney who, with prior knowledge of the attack, allowed it to proceed. Gollop was the surviving victim of the attack who witnessed absolutely no plane parts in the gaping hole left by the cruise missile which assaulted the Pentagon on 9/11/2001. The judge dismissed the case out of hand because she said that it was “delusional” that anyone would even think that this trio had any foreknowledge let alone complicity in the attack. In denying the trying of fact, Chin proved her loyalty to the syndicate.

We have made much of the fact that Skull & Bones has been a fertile recruiting ground for the BCS but we need to draw distinctions between association and complicity. The BCS invades hosts like a parasite to eventually take over their functions or to utilize specific powers it exercises to achieve their aims. The BCS covets the membership of Skull & Bones for filial reasons but it is also true that certain of its members are as benign as Walter Mitty. In drawing attention to SB, the BCS throws out a red herring to keep suspicious minds off balance.

The same can be said of the CIA. Is this CIA uniformly evil? Probably it is not, but it is a hive for the vicious BCS personalities who have called it home over the years.

In characterizing the Bush associates as a crime syndicate, we point to the many visible crimes which these vile people have committed against individuals and the nation. The best evidence clearly points to the following crimes and events instigated by this cabal of wicked men. World War 2, the murder of John Kennedy, the Viet Nam War, the murder of Malcolm X, the murder of Martin King, the murder of Robert Kennedy, the political assassination of Richard Nixon, the murder of John Lennon, the attempted murder of Ronald Reagan, the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, and so many more which have yet to receive adequate research. We also suspect that Nelson Rockefeller may have been murdered by the BCS although our working hypothesis is that he was murdered by Mossad.

America must wake up to the fact that the most respectful names in American politics are associated in a vast right wing conspiracy, much as Hillary Clinton described several years ago when her husband was the object of the BCS machinations. Oddly enough, the Clintons are members of the BCS themselves as we note how both are rabidly involved in stirring a groundless war against Iran.

As Jesus rejected the blandishments of bling from Satan – even rulership of the world – the BCS, especially George Bush, Sr. and George Bush, Jr. have succumbed with vigor and lust. Occular Politics proposed quite persuasively how Bush, Sr. collaborated in the murder of the president in 1963 as part of an initiation rite to the inner circle of power. They hinted quite tantalizingly that George Bush, Jr. was the principal agent of murder of John Kennedy, Jr. – a claim which find both astonishing and convincing.

With the imminent completion of the Utah Data Center, it may be too late to roll back the tide of the BCS, but people of conviction and faith will join the fight against this menace from the pit of hell.

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