Monday, March 12, 2012

The Kennedy Assassins, Update 1

Below we present our list of Kennedy assassins, members about whom we are certain were complicit in the conspiracy to murder the president. We know that we have only exposed the tip of the iceberg, but we will update this list as we fit more of the monsters to the crime.

Prescott Bush Executive Sponsor
Averell Harriman Executive Sponsor
Alan Dulles Executive-in-Charge
Richard BisselC-Level Executive
James AngletonC-Level Executive, Responsible for Oswald murder
Curtis LeMayAutopsy control
Edward LansdaleDealy Plaza supervisor
David Atlee Phillips DCI Western Hemisphere, Oswald handler in Dallas
E Howard HuntPaymaster
Frank SturgisLogistics
George Bush, Sr.Cuban Assassination Squad Supervisor
Dr. Humes Autopsy
Gerry Patrick HemmingLogistics, Courrier
Jack Ruby Mob liaison, Oswald murderer
Clay ShawArms smuggling from South America
Carlos MarcelloLogistics support
Alton OschsnerOswald handler
Ignacio NovoSniper
Guillermo NovoSniper
Pedro Diaz LenzTBD
George DeMohrenshildtOswald handler
Ruth PaineOswald handler
Michael PaineOswald handler; supported his wife
John Connally Texas trip planner
Lyndon JohnsonTexas trip planner;
Charles CabellTBD
McGeorge Bundy Transition manager
William BuckleyPropaganda
Gerald FordEvidence tampering, FBI liason
Arlen SpecterMagic Bullet inventor
William R GreerSecret Service Agent who slowed the presidential limousine for snipers. Later drove Kennedy's body to Bethesda
Roy H Kellerman Secret Service Agent in charge who sat in front seat while the president was murdered. Swapped Kennedy's body from first casket to second at Bethesda Naval Hospital

Names which we have explicitly excluded are: Richard Nixon. We are most emphatic that Lee Oswald was not a sniper.

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