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Who Are the Muslim Brotherhood?

With Barry Soetoro aligning himself with the Muslim Brotherhood, the time has come to report on this group’s history and objectives. The Brotherhood is a violent Nazi organization which survived World War II relatively unscathed and operates at the deepest levels of international terrorism – meaning that it is connected with the Bush Crime Syndicate.

Jim Marrs reports the invaluable work of John Loftus, who was an indefatiguable Nazi hunter at the Department of Justice, in his book The Terror Conspiracy Revisited. Loftus notes the foundation of the group in the 1920s by Hassan al-Banna, an Egyptian dedicated to social reform and Islamic morals.

When Hitler came to al-Banna’s attention, the latter was deeply impressed, writing to the Nazi murderer frequently to express his admiration and devotion. This admiration resulted in a close working relationship between Nazi party intelligence and the Muslim Brotherhood. The German’s developed the Muslim Brotherhood as a fifth column inside Egypt to aid Rommel against the British and Americans.

When the war ended, many of the group were arrested, but when turned over to the British, and in a foretaste of Operation Paperclip, they were hired to attack the nascent state of Israel, thus giving the murderous organization a new lease on life in Western intelligence operations.

After the British failed in their attempts to destroy Israel, they sold the Muslim Brotherhood to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the immediate forerunner of the CIA. Loftus states that the CIA wanted to fund the Arab Nazis as a foil to the Soviet financed Arabs.

Nasser, Egypt’s president in the 1950s, began to fear the Muslim Brotherhood, ordering them out of the country on the threat of imprisonment or execution. The CIA flew them to Saudi Arabia for safe keeping, where some time later their star pupil, Osama bin Laden, began his rise in Arab politics and warfare.

The CIA then deployed the Muslim Brotherhood to Afghanistan in the 1980s to fight the Soviets who invaded that country in 1979. However, the name Muslim Brotherhood had acquired a bad reputation, so they were rechristened the Mujahideen. (Note: there are several spellings of this abbreviated name.) After the Soviets were defeated, the Saudis did not want them back, so they bribed bin Laden and his troupe to stay out of the country.

The Muslim Brotherhood has spawned various outfits all of which are aligned and / or under the aegis of the MB. One such outfit is al Qaeda which, rather than being a network of Islamic terror cells, is a database of foreign mercenaries who are matrixed together for various projects which the BCS calls upon them to perform.

Separate from Marrs, we note from other sources that Osama bin Laden, operating at times under the alias Tim Osman, was a business partner of the Bush Crime Syndicate, and more specifically, George Bush, Jr. Their oil interests collided in Enron, which is one reason the BCS moved to destroy bin Laden.

We have also noted the great anti-Semitic antipathies of the Bush family and Prescott Bush’s ownership of Nazi banks and directorships on various other Nazi enterprises. Thus, his two offspring’s involvement with Arab Nazis should come as no surprise.

Thus we see an unbroken line of Nazi operations throughout the world under Western sponsorship, or more significantly, under the intelligence agencies who operate exclusively for the benefit of plutocrats, a service managed by the BCS.

The players and events surrounding 9/11 are a vast web of deceits, forgeries, and lies but the central organizing principle of the atrocities are the Bush Crime Syndicate.

The Terror Conspiracy Revisited, Jim Marrs

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