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How Theodore Roosevelt Faked His Attempted Assassination

People familiar with the charlatan Theodore Roosevelt will not be surprised to learn that the gun shot wound he allegedly suffered while running for president in 1912 was entirely faked.
The reason people familiar with the publicity whore Roosevelt would not be surprised by this fakery is that the "Rough Rider's" life was manufactured horse manure, including his famous charge up San Juan Hill. We have documented how this event never occurred, and that this president's military record was entirely fraudulent.
Even the "prestigious" PBS has reported that a black Brigade accomplished the heroism of San Juan Hill - not Leonard Wood and Hop-along Roosevelt.
Mike King has re-examined the shooting event in the 1912 election to discover that it could not have possibly been true that Roosevelt was shot and then delivered a 90 minute flatulent speech.
On October 14, 1912, John Flammang Schrank allegedly shot Roosevelt with a Colt .38 caliber pistol moments before the president was scheduled to deliver a speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When his ineffectual bodyguards explained to the crowd that Roosevelt had been shot, some in the crowd started yelling "Fake! Fake!" Thus began the first October Surprise.
Then in drama queen fashion - as King puts it - Roosevelt revealed to the audience his blood stained shirt to "prove" that he had been shot. He was "miraculously" saved by his thick speech and steel lined eye glasses case. Although he claimed Bull Moose bravado, there was other bull in the story. Thus arises the legend of the original magic bullet theory.
It is preposterous beyond imagination to believe that a .38 caliber pistol at close range would have been stopped by paper and an eye glasses case. It is also preposterous to believe that the former president would not have been rushed to a hospital for treatment, especially given that his predecessor was downed not so much by the bullet but by the residual effects of the shooting - and a fake doctor who guaranteed that McKinley would die.

Oddly enough, given this background, Roosevelt's bullet was never removed. If you are wondering why, it is because he never had a bullet to remove.
But why would Roosevelt stage this publicity stunt? His Jewish handlers, specifically Bernard Baruch and Jacob Schiff were hell bent on electing their sock puppet, the treasonous, adulterous, murdering, racist, ziowhore Woodrow Wilson because they were desperate for World War 1.
Taft was on the cusp of winning re-election, but Roosevelt was ordered by these men to run in the 1912 election to syphon votes from Taft and to create insinuations that Taft was behind his attempted murder the way Roosevelt was truly associated with the murder of McKinley.
It is unclear if there is anything truthful in Roosevelt's biography, but we are certain that the gunshot wound is completely staged fakery.

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