Friday, July 17, 2015

Chronicle Update: Israel Shot Down Flight MH 17

We reported last year the best intelligence available about the massacre of Malaysian Air Lines flight MH 17 which was shot down over the Ukraine by Jewish operatives on July 17, 2014. Since then more shocking news has surfaced involving Russia's defense of the civilian airliner.
As readers of these chronicles may recall, we reported early that the destruction of MH 17 was not the activity of the Ukrainian dissidents who fought for independence from the fascist Ukrainian government installed by the Rothschild junta led by Benjamin Netanyahu and Victoria Nuland of the State Department.
With the blessing of "Barak Obama" and John Kerry, CIA and Mossad orchestrated the mass murder by directing the flight over a no-flight zone in the Ukraine, and then launching a Sukhoi SU25 fighter to riddle the cockpit with bullet holes, and then to launch an air to air missile at the civilian aircraft.
New forensic evidence collated by Veterans Today has essentially proven that the air to air missile was an Israeli Python AAM which blasted the plane from the skies over Ukraine, thus deeply implicating the Rothschild state in yet another instance of terrorism.
In an even more shocking revelation, Gordon Duff reported that not only was the Boeing 777-200 blasted from the air, but so was the Ukrainian SU25 which shot down the Boeing, by a Russian fighter which was attempting to defend the Boeing.
Our previous analysis was that the Ukrainians attempted to blow-up the airliner because it erroneously identified the plane as that of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Thus the Russian Air Force dispatched a fighter for protection of the Russian head of state.
Other explanations for the Israeli terrorism include an urgent desire to draw Russia into World War 3, and to provide a distraction of the genocidal Jewish murders of the Palestinians in the Gaza strip.
If that analysis is incorrect we do not have a plausible explanation for the Malaysian massacre other than Israel's hatred for Malaysia which had convicted murderers George Bush and Benjamin Netanyahu of crimes against humanity.
Nearly as breathtaking as the Jewish murder spree are the brazen lies told by the Jewish controlled press which plastered the story all over the airwaves that Ukrainian separatists had used a BUK surface to air missile to shoot down the MH 17. The lies are mind boggling.
The cover-up and falsehoods told by the US government, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and other professional liars and feces in America have finally come undone. The world can see what psychopathic monsters run the US news media, but also US foreign affairs.
The story is simple. A cabal of CIA, Mossad, and Ukrainian assassins shot down the MH 17, murdering 298 people because "the finger nail of a Jew is worth infinitely more than the life of a gentile." The rabbinic teachings have been brought to their pathological conclusion.

Gordon Duff, MH 17 Cover Up Blasted Open by New Video, So much to hide Updated, Veterans Today, July 17, 2015, accessed 7/17/2015

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