Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Cure For Economic Decline

While the liars in the universities and press would have you believe that economics is a complicated, arcane science which is required to understand economic cycles, the truth is that these cycles can be easily understood and ended. The solution lies in the abolition of debt based money.
Although Mike King is not the first to advance this cure, he has perhaps simplified it to the point where he could author a 1 page book entitled Economics For Dummies.
The basic problem plaguing nearly all economies around the world is that they use debt based currency. While it is true that we are enslaved by fiat currency, this description obfuscates the real problem, namely that money is created by debt.
It may sound responsible to tether money to an anchor such as debt to keep it from becoming pure fiat currency, but it is indeed the rope around which the Jewish Rothschild banksters have subjugated the entire world.
As King so eloquently notes, with a debt based currency, the supply of Principal + Interest > Money Supply. Always. I recall a college professor in Economics 101 at the University of Illinois explaining away this problem as either negligible or non-existent. Facts prove otherwise, and the professor's magisterial hand waiving accomplished nothing but foisting his Lysenkoist drivel on yet another generation of fools.
The Keynesians have gotten away with these lies because in the early stages of bolshevist finance, the amount of shortfall between principal and interest is too small, and more importantly, the cycle of money and debt creation can be perpetuated indefinitely - well at least until the gap becomes too large as it is today.
The other factor plaguing the Keynesians is the Marginal Productivity of Debt which in this country is negative. So the addition of more debt means economic contraction. In real terms this is precisely what has been happening since 2000. With inflation being higher than officially reported, the economy has shrunk faster than anyone knows - a problem reported by John Williams at Shadow Stats for many years. The vast shrinkage of work force participation back to 1978 levels, and the decline of real income below the high water mark of 1971 is about all the proof anyone needs to see the causation between debt and economic activity.
The debt currency problem is easy to fix by abolishing the usury of the Federal Reserve. All currency should be issued by the US Treasury debt free as needed by productivity. But this kind of policy tends to invite "lone nut" men such as John Wilkes Booth who worked for the Confederate intelligence services who worked for the British to murder a president who defied the banksters, and Mr George Bush of the CIA who helped murder another president who was said to be working on issuing currency directly by the Treasury.
As long as a nation follows the usurious practices of the Jewish Federal Reserve Board, it will suffocate under debt. Jesus threw the first century Jewish money changers from the temple and will do so again when he returns  - and this time for good.

Mike King, Global Debt Crisis for Dummies, Tomato Bubble, nd, accessed 7/4/2015

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