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The True Story of Hanoi John McCain

Hanoi John makes Benedict Arnold look like a patriot according to revelations made by Veterans Today in an article describing the treason of Senator John McCain.
Not only did Hanoi John cause the deaths of other Americans in actions tantamount to murder, but his treasonous father, and the traitor Richard Nixon, covered up his crimes to advance his career. As senator, Hanoi John would use his power to block Congressional investigation into the POWs and MIAs left behind in Vietnam.
The name Hanoi John is slight play on Hanoi Jane Fonda who went to Vietnam to protest the US involvement in the war. In a twisted bit of irony, it turns out that both Hanoi John and Jane were right in some respects. The CIA instigated war was an atrocious barbarity worthy of any ancient army. William Colby's Operation Phoenix, and Lieutenant Calley's massacre at My Lai were some of the gross excesses which hang around America's neck of shame.
While ordinary soldiers and Marines were not typically involved in these barbaric actions against civilians, CIA operations left them exposed to ignominy and vilifications heaped upon the American military during the war. The war protesters unfortunately directed their ire at the wrong targets. It was CIA, Lyndon Johnson, Prescott Bush, Averill Harriman, Robert McNamara, Eugene and Walter Rostow, and a bevy of other psychopaths who were behind the barbaric deeds committed during the war.
Hanoi John, the son of a high ranking US Navy Admiral, was supposedly shot down, captured by North Viet Nam, and held as prisoner for several years. While prisoner, McCain gave away the locations of US troops, order of battle information which resulted in at least 60 shoot downs of US pilots, and over 30 general propaganda recordings which gave comfort to the enemy.
Hanoi John was well known among other US POWs as a traitor, especially those whom he left behind. When Hanoi John became a senator, he fought vociferously to keep POW and MIA records classified, and refused to cooperate with other senators who sought to determine the status of these men. The traitor also fought hard to stop legislation making it a crime for government bureaucrats to lie about the status of POWs.
One would have thought that Hanoi John, as a former POW, would have been an advocate for the men he left behind to rot in Viet Nam. However that would not be the case for two reasons. One is that any discovery into the POWs' situations would have eventually exposed McCain's treason. Congressman Bob Dornan described how Hanoi John threatened Vietnamese officials with dire consequences should they divulge any of the secrets they held about his treason.
The second reason Hanoi John was apoplectic about any discovery of POW or MIA information is because he was probably sent as CIA to provide the order of battle information in order to keep the war going. While we do not have hard evidence of this assertion, the only way that McCain could have received the sensitive information he had was through constant contacts with outside sources, meaning that he was part of a Communist intelligence operation which the CIA handled.
When Hanoi John was offered the opportunity to return to the United States c. 1967, he refused, but not out of a sense of duty, something which he only showed to the cause of treason. Bob Dornan explained that McCain had no choice but to stay because if he - Hanoi John - came home as the son of a high ranking scumbag Naval admiral, it would have sunk his career before it started.
So Nixon, who was known to be involved in numerous treasons himself, as we reported with the Yamashita gold hoard, took special actions to expunge and hide any incriminating evidence of treason.
Now you know the story of an American traitor, a man with blood on his hand, but who is not in the least bit bothered by it because he has no conscience. McCain has been seen most recently with ISIS/ISIL leaders, proving that not only are they CIA/Mossad, but also enemies of the United States.

Future generations of Americans will use the epithet Hanoi John the same way earlier generations used the name Benedict Arnold.

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