Friday, July 24, 2015

Chronicle Bombshell: How Israel Nearly Nuked USA During Reagan Years

Very few Americans know the story about how Israel nearly nuked the United States during the Reagan years, but new evidence has come forward proving that Benjamin Netanyahu and convicted spy Jonathon Pollard attempted just that.
Jonathon Pollard was a Mossad agent working directly for Benjamin Netanyahu during the 1980s who with the highest security clearances stole the most sensitive nuclear secrets in America's defense portfolio.
The damage was so severe that the details of his arrest and conviction are still of the highest secrecy today. Pollard stole practically every substantive nuclear secret we had including the locations of  all nuclear missiles, order of battle details, and the most advanced nuclear technology in the American arsenal.
These shocking reports come from Veteran's Today which published an expose of Jonathon Pollard and his plans to aid the Soviet Union to destroy the United States in the 1980s.
Not only did Pollard take vital defense secrets which left America truly defenseless, he also exposed over 1500 US CIA agents and assets throughout the world, of which 110-120 were murdered by the handiwork of Pollard.
Gordon Duff also reports that Pollard was selling American secrets on behalf of the state of Israel under the handling of Benjamin Netanyahu. The plot of the Jews was to provide enough technical, tactical, and strategic advantage to the USSR that it could obliterate the United States without the United States firing a shot.
So severe was the damage to US defenses that its details are fully classified today. In most cases, it is unlikely that your representatives in Congress know the nature of the treason, but the ones who do fully support the treachery against the United States as they work for Netanyahu and the Satanic Rothschilds.
Miraculously the Soviets declined the temptation, perhaps following the lead of Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis by refusing the bait. Although Jews engineered the Soviet era and were the butchers who murdered up to 60 million Russians during the 1930s, their grip on power slipped somewhat beginning in the 1950s. Had they retained their power, they would have surely used Pollard's information to destroy the United States.
So while they still had considerable power during the 1980s, they were checked by cooler heads. This event may be why Mikhail Gorbachev calmly pulled down the flag - he had won checkmate. On the other hand, the USSR was economically bankrupt and in no position to develop their victory.
As interesting as this story is, another vital question remains unanswered. Who were Pollard's assistants? There is no way that he could have obtained the information he stole without the aid of very powerful people in the Reagan administration and the Pentagon.
This leads us to our conclusion that Vice President George Bush was the lead traitor who availed the clearances to enable Pollard's espionage. It was Bush who decommissioned several aging Davy Crocket class weapons during his term, whose nuclear pits were then passed through Pantex in Texas from where the pits were sent to Africa, South Africa, Israel, and then some back to the United States.
In the same vein, Pollard had very tight connections in South Africa, and thus we believe was instrumental in the movement of the nuclear pits to the South Africans.
After re-entering the US, newly refashioned nuclear devices were used to destroy the Murrah Building and the World Trade Centers.

With the benefit of this new explosive information, we now see the shoot down of KAL 007 as a trigger event for the Soviets to launch World War 3. It is also a possibility that the Jewish attack on the Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983 was another signal to the Soviets to launch a nuclear attack.
Not only should Pollard be executed for murder and high treason, but so should his accomplices in the Bush Crime Syndicate. This evidence proves our point that Israel is a sworn enemy of the United States and must be dismantled as a state.

Gordon Duff, Pollard Goes Free Over Our Dead Bodies, Veterans Today, July 24, 2015, accessed 7/24/2015

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