Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Greece Remains Under Rothschild Thumb

Proving themselves to be boobs as big as Americans, the Greek people have gallivanted around Athens celebrating their pyrrhic, pointless victory over their sovereigns in Washington and London. The truth of the matter is that the July 5th austerity plebiscite was a tragedy greater than Aeschylus could have invented.
In a coruscatingly brilliant analysis by Paul Craig Roberts, the former Reagan administration treasury official outlines the real actors and victims in the recent Greek election on acceptance of further austerity. The election was nothing but bling for a bag lady.
The real issue wasn't Greek debt which its prime minister has made very clear is unpayable. In Rothschild finance, no debt is ever forgiven - ever - or my name isn't Shylock. Realities being what they are, the Western bolshevists ruling the European Union on behalf of the Rothschilds warned the European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund,  and European Commission, to provide a modicum of leniency to Greece in exchange for keeping Greece in the European Union.
The issue is not that Greece's departure would prove financially disastrous although that possibility is very real. Rather it is that any centripetal forces would distract attention away from the real schwerpunkt of Washington's policy centering in the Ukraine. The ultimate goal is the subjugation of Russia. If the EU showed signs of splintering, NATO would face grave challenges and compromise its designs on Russia.
Although the referendum had no bearing on Greece's participation in the Rothschild organization, it could have been the first step in the direction of an exit. So the Troika ordered Greece to hold an election in order to provide the Eurocrats with a face saving way to lower the financial bar just a tad, as well as provide Tsipras a small bit of negotiating room. The eastern front must hold at all costs.
But if the Greek prime minister thought that he had a mandate to do anything but kiss Jean-Claude Juncker's behind, he was sadly mistaken. For no sooner had the hoopla died down in Greece than he was visited by Ziowhore Victoria Nuland who was dispatched by "Obama" to deliver an assassination threat not to do anything rash such as seek aid from Russia or demand too much loan forgiveness, or to even think about leaving the European Union.
The goal of the Ziocons is to wipe out Russia or to bring it under the dominion of the Rothschilds, the same people who ruled Russia through the Communist party it installed after toppling the Czar in 1917. Russia and China stand as obstacles to the New World Order, neither of whom must be allowed any strength.
With the entire Greek government under the threat of assassination, and millions - maybe billions - but with so much poverty who needs that much - pouring in to bribe the military and other influential sectors of Greece, the intelligentsia will sell their country down the river in a heart beat to stay in the Rothschild fold.
As Roberts noted, Russia missed a golden opportunity to turn the Ziocon flanks, and will pay dearly for it.
Without doubt the Greeks have mismanaged themselves. They have voted for endless largesse by picking other people's pockets, and those pockets are now full of holes and empty after decades of corruption and national theft. Socialism is not an industry which provides long term prospects, except downward mobility. The EU is simply finishing what the Greeks started.
The only way for the Greeks to fight the Ziocons is to leave the European Union, reissue their own currency, and seek a bilateral position between the West and the East including Russia. Continued slavery to the Rothschilds (Brussels) is the ultimate humiliation of Greece.
As for the Russians, it may not be too late to drive a wedge between Greece, NATO, and the EU, but the clock has almost run out. Until the City of London is destroyed, along with the Rothschilds, the world is under their thumb and on the brink of World War 3.

Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts – A Shocking Behind The Scenes Look At What Is Now Unfolding In Greece, King World News, July 7, 2015, accessed 7/7/2015

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