Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: Putin Slams Door on Subversive CIA Fronts

Russian president Vladimir Putin signed legislation passed by the federal Duma permitting the government to banish foreign subversive organizations. One of the first organizations evicted from Russia was the loathsome John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation.
Mike King explained in an article on this subject how the MacArthur Foundation is frequently a front for the CIA - much like US AID - which not only gathers intelligence, but also uses its grant making operations to incite "color revolutions" and other internal dissent to topple governments not obedient to the Ziocons and Washington government establishing its fascist New World Order agenda advocated so vociferously by major non-profit organizations.
The MacArthur Foundation is not only a subversive organization, but the UN has granted it non-governmental organization (NGO) status giving it not only the right to sit in official meetings with "consultative" powers, but also to actively promulgate policy in direct contradiction to America's tradition of self government by elected officials.
The CIA, through its many confederates such as the MacArthur and Rockefeller Foundations, has been working since the assent of Putin to foment a revolution to install another subservient puppet like Boris Yeltsin.
Putin has also expelled the Rothschild banksters, one of the motives for the George Soros and Victoria Nuland sponsored revolution in Ukraine.
We applaud the Russian people for recognizing the threat to their sovereignty and existence by evicting the fascist NWO NGO.


Mike King, MACARTHUR FOUNDATION NO LONGER WELCOME IN RUSSIA, Tomato Bubble (, July 28, 2015, accessed 7/28/2015

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