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The Very Strange Death of Jim Morrison

Everyone knows that Jim Morrison, the fabled lead of the 1960s rock group The Doors, died of a heroin overdose in the early 1970s. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, what everyone knows is a lie. Jim Morrison was murdered for reasons we provide below.

While Morrison's public persona was that of a bad boy, hippie drug user, hard drinking rock and roll freak, the truth is rather different in one important respect. The shocking truth is that Morrison was not a drug user - he despised drugs and had a strong aversion to needles.

Eric Hufschmid has posted several fascinating articles exploring Morrison's death and his personal life, but his main point is that the singer was never a heroin user. Given his dislike for needles, it is preposterous to suppose that he was a heroin addict or user - even in far away Paris.

Other anomalies abound in the Morrison death including the lack of photographs of the death scene. One cannot imagine the Parisian police failing through negligence to photograph the body  or crime scene. Both his celebrity and the circumstances of his death were too great to overlook such a detail as pictures. How did anyone know that he died of drug overdose and not murder? They didn't, and they also knew that heroin was not the cause of death, despite what the deception whores  have said.

An additional oddity requires explanation, namely that Morrison's death was a very hushed up affair. Not only was his death not reported for several days, but his funeral was as stealthy as a CIA/Mossad black operation. Not only did no one see his body - and we mean no one - but given his huge popularity, his funeral was so sparsely attended, and closed casket, that it could have been mistaken for a bar mitzvah in Riyadh.

One question which no one has asked is, why was Morrison buried in France rather than in the United States? As far as we know, no one in the Morrison family attended the funeral. The hurried rush to burial is strong evidence that Morrison was not in the casket, or that his body bore strong evidence of violence, inconvenient evidence which the Establishment needed to cover up.

Bill Siddons, the band's manager, flew to Paris to view the body for identification. Strangely enough Siddons was strongly averse to viewing corpses, and never saw the body. Besides wondering why he even went to Paris in the first place, we have to wonder if Morrison was in the casket, or why it wasn't opened.

Perhaps the strangest oddity in the Morrison death was the lack of an autopsy. Is it so intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that he died of heart failure that we could dispense with such details as an autopsy, especially when suspicious circumstances surrounded the death at the ripe old age of 27?
The answer of course is, no. Although autopsy policies vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the most obvious and sensible explanation is that Morrison's body gave strong evidence of other causes of death than heart failure or drug overdose. The denial of an autopsy is done to cover-up a crime.
Besides all of the protocol violations connected to Morrison's death, his shares many of the same incoherencies of other famous murders, such as that of John Kennedy, Nelson Rockefeller, and others murdered by the Establishment, where the story starts one way and ends another.
In Morrison's case he was allegedly found in his Paris apartment bath tub, but in another telling, he was found in a bathroom stall at Rock 'n Roll Circus. It could well be the case that both stories are true in some large measure, but these and other discrepancies - such as the heart failure vs heroin overdose - demand better explanations than those provided. More importantly the discrepancies suggest that the powers that be had not gotten their story straight as was the case with Kennedy in the early hours of his murder by CIA/Mossad.
Most Morrison fans know that his father was high ranking US Naval officer George S Morrison. They might also know that his father was one of the key players in the staged Gulf of Tonkin incident which was the contrived casus belli of the Viet Nam War which the mass murderer Lyndon Johnson unleashed to satisfy his Zionist handlers.
Morrison fans may not know that his father became sharply critical of Israel when he found out about the unprovoked Jewish attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 during the US planned and launched Six Day War. In fact, George Morrison called for economic and military response against Israel for its wanton attack against the United States.
Even more intriguing is that the people surrounding Morrison were well connected to US intelligence. Band manager Danny Sugarman who is the source of so many lies about Morrison, married Oliver North's secretary Fawn Hall, who along with her boss was heavily involved with the Iran-Contra crime operation. North carried out George Bush's instructions to murder Barry Seal.
Another manager, Bill Siddons, dated Lynette Fromme, the woman who attempted to assassinate Gerald Ford, the president involved in the cover-up of the Kennedy murder. Fromme was, we believe, an MK Ultra subject programmed to murder the president so that Nelson Rockefeller could assume the presidency without an election. Fromme was also a member of the notorious Charles Manson Family.
Thus it is very evident to us that US and Israeli intelligence were involved in the murder of Morrison.
So given all of the foregoing, Hufschmid offers a cogent explanation of Morrison's death which has but one possible flaw. The truth is that Morrison was murdered as vengeance and a warning to his father to drop the USS Liberty retaliation. The minor flaw is that 4 years had passed between the attack on the Liberty and the attack on Jim Morrison. However, the time lapse is not an insurmountable objection. We simply need to explain why Mossad waited so long, and there could be multiple reasons including that the terrorist organization did not want to leave finger prints.

It is also possible that the establishment moved against Jim Morrison because he was an embarrassment given his father's high rank.
It is most plausible that Morrison was murdered at the Rock 'n Roll Circus in Paris, drug to his apartment, thrown in the tub, then Pamela Courson, Morrison's girl friend, was sent to discover it. Her death less that 3 years later was probably a witness elimination operation under the guise of a heroin overdose story.
The main points of this affair are that there is no evidence that Morrison died of a heart attack or of heroin - it was simply a story told to the press. No one saw the dead body; no autopsy was performed. Morrison was not a heroin user and expressed contempt for drugs, especially after he saw many of his peers die from them.
The most reasonable explanation of the legend's death is that Morrison was murdered as a message to his father. His son was the horse's head in the bed.


Eric Huffschmid, The Strange Death of Jim Morrison, various dates, accessed 7/5/2015

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What is your evidence for the claim that Bill Siddons dated Lynette Fromme?

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tigerlille - the Huffschmid article cited.