Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Secrets to David Rockefeller's Longevity

Many may wonder what is the explanation  for Satanist David Rockefeller's long life. We can finally reveal the secret as fine organ playing, but not of the Wurlitzer variety. We can also assure you that it is not from good living.
One may be tempted to think that genes explain his longevity. Indeed John Rockefeller Sr lived to age 97 while his son lasted for 86 years. So David's survival to 100 fits the gene theory well. However there more to the story.
F William Engdahl has reported that the vast Rockefeller estate at Pocantico Hills in New York has opened a restaurant on the premises using nothing but chemical free food. By chemical free we mean not only that the food was grown without pesticides, but that it is non GMO. This return to nature is quite ironic for a family whose influences on the Monsanto and DuPont corporations, to say nothing of the Rockefeller Foundation, spawned the entire genetically modified organisms movement - Frankenstein science to say the least.
So popular is the Monsanto wheat that it has been turned away at ports in China, and Russia has banned the commercial planting of GMO seeds.
One might also reasonably surmise that Rockefeller's wealth - which counts into the trillions - yes that t was not a typo - affords him the very finest in health care. The family's extensive control of the American health system and relentless push to bring it under bolshevist administration would certainly provide access to top flight medical care. This insight brings us closer to the truth.
Indeed healthy eating is not the only cause of David Rockefeller's long life, nor is his world class health care. Engdahl reported recently that the billionaire terrorist underwent his sixth heart transplant before his 100th birthday in June 2015. Our question is, where does he get the hearts?
Being a strong supporter of eugenics, it can only be surmised that he is very particular about where he gets his hearts, and thus we must further suppose that many men have been murdered to supply him cardiovascular rejuvenation. We are also very suspicious that he may have murdered his son a few years ago to have a heart for his latest transplant. We will also admit that we have no hard proof of such theories - only a visceral revulsion about the man's evilness.
For our part, we had hoped that the American traitor, supporter of Germany during World War 2, and murderer of John Kennedy would be dead by now, but the monster lives on like some blob from a B grade 1950s movie, only in his case real people are terrified, to which we say, Die already!

F William Engdahl, Out of the Bag Radio Show, July 8, 2015, accessed 7/11/2015

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