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Why the Jews Attacked America

Did Dov Zakheim embezzle 9.1 trillion USD?
Taking orders from Israel and the Rothschilds, the US government produced a caricature of an investigation blaming the Arabs for the attacks of 9/11. The real villains of 9/11, Ziocon Jews, destroyed the World Trade Centers and attacked the Pentagon because each building contained evidence of criminal wrong doing of the dual citizen Jews and the Bush Crime Syndicate.
The 9/11 Commission Report bore uncanny resemblances to the Warren Commission Report in that both investigations were run by the criminal perpetrators of their respective crimes, but also spent enormous time suppressing inconvenient truths. In both cases, the FBI under either Hoover or Chertoff supplied the muscle to kill damaging witnesses or bury them under a mountain of legal bullying.
The more interesting parallel is that Israel and the Bush Crime Syndicate were involved heavily in both events. Prescott Bush and George Bush, Sr were both exceedingly instrumental in the murder of the Kennedy, while Bush, Sr and his son George were prime movers in the 9/11 attacks. In both cases they were heavily supported by Israel. David Ben Gurion was furious with Kennedy when the President denied nuclear technology to the terrorist state of Israel. So the Rothschilds and Jews murdered the president.
This time around - for 9/11 - the number of dual citizen Jews mushroomed, a list we documented in a recent posting. But why do the Jews hate, especially the Ziocons, America? For the answer to that question one has to read the Talmud and Rabbinic writers who, as Alexis Jones has abundantly documented, have stated that the "finger nail of a Jew is more precious than more than 1000 Arabs." For a more modern statement of that sentiment, one can refer to the late Joan Rivers who stated that she wanted to kill 1000 Palestinian children.
The politics of 9/11 made strange bed-fellows between the Bush Crime Syndicate and the Ziocons. The BCS was heavily tied in Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, neither of whom had anything to do of substance with 9/11 except to be guilty by patsification in the way Lee Oswald was. The Jews learned to frame innocent people with the destruction of the King David Hotel in 1946 when they bombed it in order to blame it on Arabs. The technique proved very handy for 9/11.
FBI agent John O'Neil had discovered significant evidence linking the BCS to both Hussein and bin Laden, a very inconvenient fact for a cabal about to mount an attack in the Middle East. It seems that there was a falling out between the BCS and Hussein over pipelines, and since Hussein could reveal that the Americans supplied the chemical weapons he allegedly used on the Kurds, he was a huge political liability.
This evidence was housed in the World Trade Centers, and one of the reasons it was destroyed. Of course it didn't help that the building was condemned for asbestos, and thus in need of financial remediation which Larry Silverstein procured through legal means. He had taken out terrorist insurance on the building a week or so before it was destroyed.
As for the Ziocons proper, they had embezzled 2.3-3 trillion dollars from the Pentagon under the ever watchful eye of Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, and a Ziocon's Ziocon if ever there were one. However, according to Susan Lindauer, the actual amount of theft amounted to 9.1 trillion USD, quite a bit of money even for Jews.
The leader of the embezzlement was Rabbi Dov Zakheim, the comptroller of the Pentagon and known Israeli espionage agent. How he managed to steal 9.1 trillion USD is anyone's guess, but it does explain why the US has run a deficit of 8.3 trillion USD since "Obama" was elected, and why he promised that there would be trillion dollar deficits "as far as the eye can see." Bari Malik Shabazz was the first Jewish President of the United States.
As fate would have it, the Pentagon accountants who were investigating the theft just happened to be concentrated in the part of the Pentagon which was allegedly hit by a 747. The funny thing is that no airplane parts were ever seen or recovered from the site. Would anyone like to guess why?
Thus the coordinated attacks of 9/11 came at a time when the criminal acts of the BCS and the Ziocons threatened to become exposed, necessitating the destruction of evidence, just as was the case with the Murrah Building housing the Whitewater documents which Ken Starr was hired to bury.
While there were many other motives for 9/11, just as there were in the case of Kennedy, we thought it worthwhile to state some of the immediate, if not secondary causes. 9/11 is not ancient history - it is an ongoing operation and thus very relevant for today.

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