Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Louis Freeh Accident Was No Accident

When a prominent oligarch has an "accident", "heart attack", or "suicide", you can be sure that it was none of the above. The same is true of the recent "accident" which nearly claimed the life of Oklahoma City bombing cover-up artist Louis Freeh.
According to astonishing reports from Gene Tatum, a former Pegasus member, Louis Freeh's accident was a warning shot from "President Obama" to abandoned terrorist attacks on the US and international targets, projects he plans out of his high powered consulting group Freeh Group International. In fact the Bush Crime Syndicate don was threatening "regime change" for Iran earlier this year in Europe.
Pegasus is the group founded by Harry Truman to spy on Central Intelligence Agency as he feared the monster he created would involve the nation in dangerous fallout, threatening American political interests by exposing the nation to the sovereign agency's black operations. Pegasus also compiled information on the Kennedy assassination which may have gotten into the hands of then Democrat National Committee chairman Larry O'Brien which in turn prompted the Watergate break-in.
Tatum alleges that "Obama" used Pegasus to maim but not kill Freeh in a bid to slow down or halt his planned terrorist attacks on the United States, plans which no doubt included Dick Cheney. Our guess is that "Obama" used the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) to do the work, but either organization is a credible candidate for the sabotage operation.
Tatum's astonishing revelation is that Freeh was a victim of an internal power struggle within the secret US government involving "Obama's" split with the Clintons over Middle Eastern policy. The theory goes that the Clintons are supporters of an Israeli terrorist organization which Hillary delisted in 2012, a group known as MEK (Muhadedin-e-Khalq ). MEK is used to murder Americans who interfere with Israeli terrorist operations and to assassinate Iranian scientists.

"Obama" has cautiously backed away from Israel and Saudi Arabia while allying with the Iranians. Clinton is seen often giving AIPAC speeches as she seeks Rothschild endorsement for president. Both the Clintons and Freeh are members of the BCS.
According to Russ Baker of WhoWhatWhy, the following facts in the freak Freeh accident stand out:
the police were hours late informing the office of the governor of Vermont; Freeh was flown by helicopter to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital in New Hampshire under armed guard, and has remained under armed guard; the hospital has refused to confirm that he is a patient, even after reports of two surgeries; at least for the first few days no one has answered the phones at his company, Freeh Group International.
Others have noted that Freeh was also scheduled to testify against the case of Jesse Trentadue in Utah, a lawyer seeking justice for the FBI's murder of his brother who was a material witness to the US government's role in blowing up the Murrah Building in 1995 while Freeh was the FBI director.
Freeh presided over a string of security disasters, most of which were manufactured by the Bush Crime Syndicate to create a constant state of fear in anticipation of the Nazi police state which they inaugurated after the Israeli-BCS attacks on New York City with nuclear weapons in 2001.
Freeh was the appointed Inspector Clousseau designated to botch, cover-up, or sabotage any honest investigation into the numerous false flag attacks initiated by his sponsor George Bush, Sr. These domestic terrorist attacks directed by Ziocons included the 1993 World Trade Center attacks, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City bombings, murder of Vincent Foster, and 9/11.
We hope for the worst for the murderer, and that his last days are as gruesome as the terror he inflicted on so many Americans.

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