Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chronicle Obituary: 9/11 Mastermind Reported Dead

9/11 mastermind and mass murderer Mike Harari reportedly died Thursday according to news reports in the Ziocon press. Some analysts leave open the possibility that he faked his death to avoid reprisals for his role in murdering 3000 Americans during the 9/11 attack.
According to news reports, Harari was 87 at the time of his death, but one of  his many faked passports shows his date of birth as October 8, 1936. According to former Soviet intelligence agent Dimitri Khalezov who worked personally for Harari, the latter had a 16 year old son in 2001, which if adopted 87 years is plausible, but if sired, quite outside the norm, although Strom Thurmond sure had them until the end. Therefore we are inclined to believe that he was younger than 87.
The former Mossad operations chief was well known for using nuclear weapons at Chernobyl, Bali, Lebanon Marine barracks, Khohbar Towers, and elsewhere during his long career as a spook and butcher. He used false flag attacks to blame Arabs so that he could advance Jewish genocide aims in the Middle East.
We are glad to see the POS dead, and hope that the reports of his death were not greatly exaggerated.

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