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Is the Tide Turning Against US-Israeli Nazis in Ukraine?

Dr Jim Willie dropped another payload of incendiary information in an August 31 interview with Paul Sandhu regarding global events, particularly those in the Ukraine and in Europe. Based upon intelligence he released from his information network, the US-Israeli onslaught against the Ukrainians is suffering material setbacks with significant geo-political collateral damage to the former.
If Americans have a false understanding of events in the Ukraine, much of it can laid at the feet of their lazinesses, and lies told by its Nazi news controllers. The conflict is not about Russian aggression - because there is none. It is about people in the east who want to free themselves from a brutal junta sponsored by the Nazi Washington and Israeli governments.
The combatants in Ukraine are not those which the Western Nazi press tells its sheep and cows. The eastern Ukrainians have been fighting to liberate themselves from the Nazi Western part of the country, with Russia providing moral and material support. The Nazi press failed to report that at least 2 popular referenda occurred in Crimea and other Ukrainian provinces overwhelmingly in favor of independence from Kiev or political union with Russia.
Like the old Yugoslavia and Iraq, Ukraine is a mash-up, so to speak, of various ethnic groups which do not alloy well. Sensing an opportunity for more genocide, the Israelis and its US State department planned a war in Ukraine in 2011 which infuriated the Germans who saw nothing good coming of it.
While the US, Israel, and western Ukraine form the Nazi axis on one side of the conflict, the eastern Ukrainians and Russians have formed the other side. However, there are new developments which have surprised even us.
In public the Nazi press has framed the civil war as a threat to US national security demanding a NATO response. The Nazi media have refused to identify the former Blackwater, a mercenary force of the CIA and Bush Crime Syndicate, as one of the chief combatants in the conflict. They also have not reported the entrance of national forces from France, Netherlands, Germany, and other European countries who have joined the freedom fighters in the east.
These same newsfakers have also failed to report the collapse of the western Nazi government both politically and militarily. The demoralized Ukrainian troops are actually being routed into Russia in long surrender columns where they are fed and rehabilitated.
When the US-Israeli assault on Ukraine is over, they will have achieved their strategic goal of dismembering Ukraine, but they will ultimately fail in their political objectives of controlling the geography to control the flow of oil and gas.
Not only will the Ukrainians east and west learn that they were the marks of the US-Israeli Nazis, but the Germans and other Europeans have already come to that conclusion. Germany has been brokering a peace agreement without the involvement of the US or UK governments, both beholden to the Satanic Rothschilds.
The US has sabotaged peace initiatives through the escalation of sanctions and other invisible bellicose actions which are turning Europeans, especially Germany and France, away from Nazi political influence in Washington.
The economic sanctions which the Europeans are shouldering, but the Americans are not, has caused a deep groundswell of resentment and open opposition which German leaders have taken to heart. As Willie contends, the Germans have moved out of the American camp into the Russo-Sino orbit.
German commercial leaders are working hard to disengage from NATO, Washington, and even the European Union. They have close commercial ties with Russia, including heavy dependence on oil and gas, which they will not jeopardize for the Nazi war machine and genocide in Ukraine.
When the Nazis informed Germany in 2011 that war was  being planned for Ukraine, they responded by demanding their gold back. The Germans will never see their gold, but that act of grand theft by the Washington based Nazis was the galvanizing moment for Germany’s commercial leaders to break from NATO and the US.
The most recent act of Western deceit stemmed from the Malaysian flight MH17 which was shot down over Ukraine on July 17, 2014. Although the initial evidence showed that the Russians did not do the evil deed as the US Nazi press and government so vociferously claimed, more recent evidence has turned the tables completely against the Washington based lies of Russian culpability.
European governments have conclusive evidence that Ukraine shot down the flight as an act of war, and perhaps, in our view, to cover up the genocide occurring in Gaza by the Nazi Israelis.
When the US government demanded that the Europeans take down all exculpatory evidence favoring the Russians, the Germans politely told the Washington Nazis to stuff it.
In a sign that the tide of war is turning decisively against the Kiev government, Willie reported that a unit of the elite Blackwater mercenaries – or whatever name they currently use – was captured by the freedom fighters and is currently under interrogation.
With European economies already under stress prior to the escalation of sanctions, the ruptures with Washington have grown more pronounced. The Germans have decided privately that they will have no more political interactions with the government in Washington, and are poised to allow a bank failure to occur capable of causing contagion, specifically to US and British banks. They have decided that they will not allow their economy to be used as a pawn in Washington’s wars of imperial aggression.
The implications are staggering because it presages the death of NATO, and the sure disintegration of the EU.
It isn’t just the Europeans revolting against Nazi hegemony, but the Russians have fought back on many fronts, including forging closer ties with China and Germany. Putin has also committed the unpardonable sin of defying the Satanic Rothschilds from whom he has taken substantial amounts of business.
Just as significant is Russia’s announcement to accept payment for oil in Chinese Yuan just as the Saudis are on the verge of announcing payments in forms other than dollars. Willie has maintained that this is the imminent return of the gold standard.
Putin has been obstructing the heroin trade out of Afghanistan, an industry worth trillions of dollars and sponsored by official US government policy in conjunction with the Bush Crime Syndicate. Without the profits from the US heroin fields in Afghanistan US banks would collapse.
Willie’s most promising news comes from the 9/11 front. Putin is said to possess enormous documentary evidence proving that 9/11 was an inside job by US Nazis - ie the Bush Crime Syndicate - working under Israeli control. Some of this evidence comes from the Snowden cache, along with independently gathered intelligence by Russians and Germans.
We urge Mr Putin to lay forth the evidence without delay. The true story of 9/11 is that of a joint Nazi-Israeli attack on the United States facilitated by traitors of this nation using nuclear micro devices.
In defying the vile Rothschilds, standing up to genocide, and revealing the truth about 9/11, Putin has earned our respect, if not admiration. We wish him the best of luck in these pursuits.
If events continue to escalate, the Rothschild-Nazi-Israeli combine may suffer its first stalemate.
Jim Willie, Dr. Jim Willie: Important Update 08_31_14, Paul Sandhu interview, August 31, 2014, accessed 9/1/2014 YouTube
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