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Eisenhower, Donovan Murdered Patton

In another example proving that the American government is an organized crime syndicate governed by psychopaths, author Robert Wilcox demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt that George Patton was murdered on orders of OSS chief William Donovan.
Establishment historians have long maintained that Patton died from complications stemming from a freak automobile accident on December 9, 1945, but they fail to elaborate the freak part in which the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor of the Central Intelligence Agency, and the NKVD, the Soviet counterpart to the CIA, collaborated in murdering the World War 2 hero.
Through an odd happenstance which Wilcox describes in his book, he received information that the man who engineered the accident injuring Patton was still alive. While interviewing him, Douglas Bazata confessed to direct knowledge of and participation in the murder of Patton. In fact Donovan gave him the orders to murder the general, sweetening it with a 10,000 USD stipend.
One important note about Donovan is that he reported directly to the President, in this case Roosevelt, or in some cases the military service chiefs. Thus it is important to realize that Roosevelt was more than likely the authority for the murder of Patton, as Roosevelt was in the palm of Stalin’s hand whose involvement we shall mention shortly. Stalin in turn was the sock puppet of the Rothschild Ziocons.
Bazata also confessed in 1979 before an OSS reunion in New York City, according to website copyrighted 2007, which was a year before Wilcox’s book was published, that he indeed planned the murder of General Patton. (We are uncertain of the actual publication date of this article we reference in the footnotes).
On December 9, Patton, along with General Gay, was riding in his 1938 Cadillac limousine outside of Manheim on a narrow road when a 2.5 ton military truck abruptly pulled in front of the vehicle, resulting in what Wilcox described as a “fender bender.” No one was injured except for Patton, who was allegedly thrown forward 4 feet. That never happened. Bazata used a kinetic energy weapon to fire a piece of heavy metal at Patton in the forehead, leaving him unconscious and certain for dead.
Just to make sure that Patton would die, his driver took him to a hospital in Heidelberg which was 30 minutes away, even though a hospital in Mannheim was much closer.
Immediately after the staged accident, a swarm of US military officials, including those of very high rank, descended upon the scene to perform a hoax investigation, and to help the perpetrators escape. Indeed both Patton’s driver and the 3 passengers in the truck disappeared in an instant, never to be seen again.
When Patton made a surprise recovery, NKVD agents administered a drug which induced an embolism leading to death on the day he was scheduled to return to the United States for further convalescence. His bags were packed and ready to go when he suffered the attack.
The information regarding the Soviet assassins was confirmed by the Soviet NKVD when it revealed to one of Patton’s children the true cause of his death from cyanide.
At least 3 other plots to murder Patton beginning in 1944/5 failed until the December scheme succeeded. But who would want the famous war hero dead?
Wilcox answers that question with several solutions, one of which included raw unbridled jealousy. Patton was a military virtuoso who could outfight someone like Eisenhower with one eye closed and a hand tied behind his back. If it weren’t for Patton, Eisenhower would have been driven off the continent at the Battle of the Bulge which was guaranteed because of Eisenhower’s treasonous refusal to allow Patton to close the Falaise Gap which would have destroyed the German army.
Another reason for Patton’s murder was his outspoken animosity towards the Soviets, an outspokenness which caught the attention of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, who happily collaborated with Donovan when the general approached him for support for his murder plot.
World War 2 was a staged conflict whose primary purpose was German genocide and the partitioning of Europe into 2 camps which played scripted roles as mortal enemies. Patton’s plans for pushing the Soviets out of Europe foiled those goals.
Thus was born the Stop Patton operation, an officially sanctioned scheme to murder the general. This operation was implemented by Eisenhower, his aide General Bedell Smith, General Omar Bradley, and other SHAEF staff. Information of Eisenhower’s involvement is corroborated by Bert Roosen, one of Eisenhower’s interpreters who witnessed discussions between Eisenhower and his aides planning the assassination.
Another motive for Patton’s murder was his rather public statements that he was going to report directly to the American people Eisenhower’s murder of what would become 1.7 million men, women, and children in Allied death camps administered by Eisenhower and Smith. Patton had defied the death orders and treated his POWs humanely and quickly released them until Eisenhower stripped him of his command.
One of the key elements in Patton’s planned disclosures was Eisenhower’s release of at least 12,000 US POWs to Stalin’s slave labor camps. When Patton proposed a rescue mission, Eisenhower stopped him cold.
Finally, Patton’s reports would have destroyed the careers of many military officers, not the least of which was Bernard Baruch’s sock puppet Eisenhower. The SHAEF commander had deliberately, on numerous occasions, sabotaged Allied military successes including the Falaise Gap fiasco, and taking away Patton’s gasoline, preventing him from pre-empting the Soviet entry into Germany and Berlin.
The death of Patton had all of the standard characteristics of a CIA murder operation. No autopsy was performed on the General, his assassins disappeared into thin air, his automobile was replaced with a forgery to destroy forensic evidence, he was poisoned in the hospital when he refused to die in the car, and investigation reports vanished into the ether. Wilcox knows of at least 5 accident investigation reports which are completely missing in the national and military archives, and surmises that an additional 3 were conducted which are entirely missing.
We have only skimmed the surface of this fascinating story and some of its equally engaging characters. Wilcox’s book fills in the details. It is manifestly clear that ancient Rome has nothing on Washington when it comes to murder.
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