Friday, September 19, 2014

Putin: Good Guy or Bad Guy?

A somewhat contentious debate has grown among the Freedom and Truth movements members concerning the true character of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Some say he is on the side of good, while other say he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. We say that we don't know.
The idea that Putin could be considered a good guy is hard for most brain washed Americans to accept, especially given Putin's KGB background and past involvement with Communist politics. For our part, we leave open the possibility of a Damascus Road experience in which the former Soviet apparatchik seeks a better future for his nation without the enslavement of the Rothschild banksters.
Indeed it is said that Putin has become a Christian, becoming a strong supporter of the Russian Orthodox Church. We have seen presentations of him at Church gatherings, and uttering things which would make the politically correct Ziocon press break out in apoplexy. According to one report, for example, Putin has condemned homosexuality and pornography, something which does not fit with the Ziocon New World Order.
Those who see Putin as a freedom champion argue that his defiance of the Rothschild NWO in Ukraine, and his support for Syria and Iran against US imperialism are his bonafides as a combatant against the growing totalitarian menace.
However, Brandon Smith, in a recent well considered article argues that Putin is just another Bilderberger type who is playing out a well scripted drama to entertain and scare the sheeple.
Smith points out that Russia Today, a widely circulated news outlet, effectively reports Western government corruptions which he acknowledges as true, but it rarely ever reports on Russian corruption. And how can it since it is funded by the Russian government?
Furthermore, Russia's central bank is under the control of the international banksters, being advised by Bilderberger and Bohemian Grove stalwart Goldman Sachs. Other critics have argued that Putin has played footsy with the IMF and other appendages of the NWO by encouraging use of Special Drawing Rights, and other sovereignty effacing instruments.
On the other hand Jim Willie, editor of the Hat Trick newsletter argues, based upon information from his extensive intelligence network, that Putin has indeed expelled the Rothschild banksters from Russia, earning him their eternal enmity, and an incursion into Ukraine.
Putin, according to Willie, has gone a step further by sabotaging some of the heroin traffic which the US supplies Europe through its extensive NATO military bases. The narcotics money is critical to funding the Rothschild terrorist genocide campaigns through its colony Israel. On the other hand, why would a dynasty with an estimated 550 trillion USD in wealth need narco-money to fund its crime? Then again, why not?
The answer is that the narcotics money is used to keep US and European banks afloat as the large money center banks are all largely insolvent.
We know that the Rothschild banksters have been behind nearly all wars and political calamities since the early 19th century, thus it is reasonable to assume that the many fake conflicts we have experienced are due to their great engineered crises, none of which should ever go to waste.
On the other hand, Smith may overstate his case. It is not easy to dismantle a central bank, especially when you have the venomous vampire squid, Goldman Sachs breathing down your neck.
We would like to think Willie is correct, but we also need to see more evidence that Putin is indeed arraying himself authentically against the Rothschild Satanists. One good step would be the establishment of a gold trading standard and the elimination of the Russian central bank.
Other positive moves would be continued support for Syria and Iran, nations which the Ziocons are dedicated to destroying as part of their genocidal Project for a New American Century, the blueprint for controlling the Middle East. However, the US Ziocons will be screwed in the end because the Israeli Jews will destroy the West in order to have the Middle East all to themselves. They are hard at work planning another 9/11 event with greater casualties than in 2001.
For us the jury is still out. We need to observe actions rather than words. For its part, the editors of Veterans Today believe that Putin is an authentic good guy, if for no other reason than the enemy of my enemy is my friend. We await further developments.

Brandon Smith, When War Erupts Patriots Will Be Accused Of Aiding "The Enemy", Zero Hedge, September 18, 2014, accessed 9/18/2014

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Anonymous said...

I'd say that Putin is protecting Russia and his cronies from Western aggression. Wall Street would love to do to Russia what did when Yeltsin was president and Putin is a bad boy because he won't let them.

They wanted to bomb Syria in 2013, Putin wouldn't let them.

They want to bomb ISIS in Syria now, Putin is saying that they must seek Assad's permission. No chance of them getting that.

They want Putin to let their bad boys win in Eastern Ukraine(because they can't win on their own); that's not going to happen.

Putin seems to acting in strict accord to international law; a concept that seems to be alien to Washington D.C.

Putin is more than one man. The Orthodox Church and the FSB really have a simple choice, stand up to the West and insist on being treated as equals or be bullied like wimps.

If Putin chooses option B; he's toast. His own people won't have it.

kerdasi amaq

Tony Bonn said...

we have come across some information which presents putin as the good guy so to speak.

the Rothschild Nazi west has a number of color revolution movements going on throughout Russia, which means that it will become the next Ukraine very shortly.

putin basically has 30-90 days to stop the Rothschild invasion, or he is toast.

this means that he must act in Ukraine and Syria. the ziocons are on the verge of taking Syria as they are hellbent on their project for a new American century genocide plan.

therevolutionwas said...

Interesting little article describing Putin from the point of view of people who have had contact with him:

Tony Bonn said...

And yet for another perspective on Ukraine, the West, and Russia, this interview may be of interest.

The advice given in the introduction is well worth taking - we should gather facts rather than opinions.

There is much which contradicts our views, but sometimes truth involves trial and error. :-o