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Solving the JonBenet Ramsey Case

It is said that the murder of JonBenet Ramsey on December 26, 1996 is one of the greatest unsolved crimes of the last quarter of the 20th century. While we admit that it was a great crime, we do not believe that it is unsolved, as a fascinating analysis first published in 2000 reveals.
Six year old JonBenet’s body was discovered in the basement of her 15 room home in Boulder, Colorado on December 26, 1996, bludgeoned, strangled, and sexually assaulted. Early in the morning, while preparing for a Christmas trip, Patsy Ramsey, the girl’s mother, discovered her daughter missing along with a prolix ransom note stipulating terms of release of her and her husband John’s child.
During the 8 hours of presumed kidnapping, the house was searched and trampled such that whatever forensic information the home had was hopelessly compromised, thus complicating the preservation and analysis of evidence.
Fortunately, the ransom note and other non-physical evidence provides enough information to draw a strong conclusion about the murderers, as 2 authors Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridge do in a March 3, 2000 article footnoted below. They concluded that Patsy Ramsey murdered her child, or that possibly she was killed at Christmas party, about which we will describe below.
The authors’ conclusion is quite striking in the light of the unsealing in 2013 of the grand jury indictments against both John and Patsy. The only reason the couple were not arrested and charged with murder was the refusal of the district attorney to sign the indictment, which we believe represented his complicity in the crime.
The article provides a couple of motives and culprits for the murder, but the central factor driving the murder was sexual ritual abuse in which JonBenet was victimized by one or more of the following: John, Patsy's father father Don Paugh, or Fleet White, Jr.
Apparently Patsy was sexually abused by her father, which induced a profound psychosis which helped her to justify in her own mind the murder of her child in order to atone for her sins, in an Old Testament sacrificial ritual - a very plausible consideration given the mystical religious beliefs of Patsy.
Weidner and Bridge suggest that White recruited John into his child pornography ring, and that this explains the heavy sexualization of JonBenet by her mother, a development the child’s dance instructor noted with considerable dismay and alarm. The ultimate goal was to groom JonBenet as a victim in the sex parties of John's friends.
The Ramsey’s attended a Christmas party given by the White’s where Weidner makes the strong argument from parallel cases that JonBenet was used sexually, or played with in a very sexual way. Thus it is possible that the garroting, which is used to induce orgasm, may have been overdone, resulting in the death of JonBenet.
The other possibility is that Patsy, in a rage after the party and after everyone else had gone to bed, slugged the child with a flashlight which failed to kill her, thus necessitating strangulation, after which she hid  the corpse in the basement.
The rage may have been caused by her helplessness in protecting her child, and the guilt and anger she felt from her own abuse at the hands of her father.
In any event Weidner explains in considerable depth that the ransom note was written by Patsy as it has many hallmarks of a nagging wife and woman he knew too much about John.
It seems that the best evidence suggests that JonBenet was murdered after the party by Patsy with much anger directed at her husband and father. The authors cited a similar case in Maryland where a mother murdered her child at church for bizarre psychotic reasons which most likely afflicted Patsy.
As for the Boulder district attorney not pursuing the grand jury indictment, we surmise that he was involved with the pedophilia ring, or was paid off by John Ramsey.
We urge readers to read the full article as it makes a very reasonable case that JonBenet was murdered by Patsy, and that both parents covered it up.

Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridge, Innocent Murder -   The Real Story Of  JonBenet's Death,, March 3, 2000, accessed 9/10/2014

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