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Irey Challenges "Obama" Copyright in New York Supreme Court

The Certificate of Registration Form TX claiming copyright to the 1995 book Dreams From My Father, was forged according to a lawsuit filed by Paul Irey in the New York Supreme Court, according to stories published yesterday and the previous day by Birther Report.

According to these stories Irey, a retired printer with 53 years of experience working with printed works and fonts, has alleged that he knows that the document is forged and who the forger was. The State of New York is contesting the suit, but failed to appear in court, forcing the judge to reschedule hearings until after elections.

Given the extraordinary corruptions of the New York court system, it is doubtful that anything will come of the case, but the evidence published today is prima facie evidence of forgery.

This newly identified forgery follows on the heels of discovery of numerous other documents forged by or for Shabazz including a faked birth certificate published on the White House website, along with faked Selective Service Registration, and forged Social Security Number.

Some elements of the allegedly forged Form TX document are puzzling, such as the missing birth date of the author. Why would then Copyright Register Marybeth Peters accept a defective document? How many other of her documents are equally defective? And do the incomplete documents jeopardize the status of the copyright? Was the Copyright Register involved in the forgery?
The form explicitly states that all fields must be answered, yet curiously the Dates of Birth and Death field was not.
Why was the designated correspondent's name, the literary agent, misspelled in 2 places? Does anyone believe that Michael Greaves would have signed a legal document with his name misspelled in 2 places? Also note that the line containing the street address falls into the following line, an expectation totally absent from an authentic document.
The literary agent's address appears twice on the form, yet the fonts producing them are different. Are we to believe that the typist used 2 different typewriters or printers to produce the document? Notice below the different 1s in 201, and the leaning t in Street, as well as the different serif in the final t. But even if one could assert that 2 different typewriters or printers were used, why would the size of Y in NY, shown above, be larger than the N adjacent to it? The most reasonable answer is forgery.
Irey states that the motive for the forgery is to conceal Shabazz' true place of birth which is not Hawaii as claimed on the forged birth certificate published by the White House. According to publicity documents published since the 1990s, "Obama" was born in Kenya. Yet after becoming president, Shabazz has insisted that he was born in Hawaii. Unfortunately there are no legal documents proving the assertion.
Irey recently announced his intent to reside overseas, not so much because of threats to his physical safety, but because of the massive corruption at levels of government in the United States. This belief accords perfectly with our own. The number of citizenship renouncements in the United States has skyrocketed exponentially since 2009.

It is ironic that Dreams from My Father has a forged copyright claim because extensive linguistic analysis of the rhetoric, diction, and style of Dreams refutes Shabazz' authorship, an accolade which is properly accorded to Bill Ayers.

As a final aside, we call attention to the fact that you cannot get this news in the Ziocon state controlled press, all of whom are supporters of the Nazi government.


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