Saturday, September 20, 2014

Former Tennessee Governor, South Dakota Senator Caught in Murder Plot

In an astonishing tape recorded voice mail, former Tennessee governor Don Lundquist, and former South Dakota state senator Sheldon Songstad are heard plotting the murder of Leo Wanta who was an ambassador under Ronald Reagan.

If you have never heard of Leo Wanta, you are not alone. He is an obscure Cold War intelligence agent who worked under Reagan via the Totten Doctrine which removes espionage from jurisdiction from US courts on grounds of national security, a decision reached in 1875 by the US Supreme Court.
Wanta was the principal agent who brought down the USSR through manipulations of the foreign exchange markets, destroying the Ruble, and thus bringing the Soviet regime to its knees. In the process, Wanta earned the US government 27 trillion dollars in earnings, of which 4.5 trillion is his, a figure awarded to him by US federal court in 2006.
Wanta's goal is to collect the money, pay the taxes on it, and begin publics works programs to revitalize the US economy. He attempted to start some of these programs, but the US government beginning with Bush, Jr failed to release the funds.
As a result, former governor Don Lundquist, and his partner, former state senator Sheldon Sontag, approached Wanta with an offer to release his funds in exchange for a 30 billion dollar finders fee. In short, they were attempting to blackmail the former ambassador.
In a shocking taped telephone conversation on Wanta's answering machine, the 2 former government officials are heard planning the murder of Wanta since he insisted on issuing 1099 forms to everyone who received money. This infuriated the governor and congressman that they decided to put a contract on Wanta, going so far as to determine what his security protection was so that they could bypass it.
In addition, Wanta procured 2000 tons of gold as part of the takedown of the Soviet government, but Tennessee senator Bob Corker is demanding the gold as a condition for releasing the funds. No one knows what the Tennessee mob plans to do with the gold, but it certainly would not go to the American people.
Other senators are also involved in the murder plot, including Senator Thune of South Dakota, and former Senator Tom Daschle.
Wanta has turned over the death threats to US Attorney General's office, which means that it will go no where. With Wanta's life in danger, publicity is his only security.
This story is enormously shocking and for most Americans simply unbelievable. But Veterans Today, which broke the story on Thursday, is standing behind it.

Gordon Duff, Ex-US Officials Demanded a 30 Billion Dollar Bribe, Veterans Today, September 19, 2014, accessed 9/19/2014

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