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Solving the Marilyn Monroe Murder

Although Marilyn Monroe's death was widely reported as a suicide - accidental or otherwise - the truth is that she was murdered. We present the most plausible scenario we have to date accounting for this tragedy.
As a mid 20th century pop icon, Marilyn Monroe had few peers. Perhaps Elizabeth Taylor or Elvis Presley played in her league, but her star shone bright among bright stars. When the world heard of her death, it was almost a premonition of Lady Dianna's death over three decades later.
The newsfakers told the story that  a depressed Ms Monroe, facing middle age, difficult temperament on her last movie, and declining prospects decided to end it all. That story is pure poppycock. At least the part where she committed suicide in the face of a difficult future.
According to our source, Ms Monroe was ordered murdered by James Angleton, the counter-intelligence chief of the CIA, most likely a mole for Israel's Mossad intelligence agency. Angleton would murder Mary Pinchot Meyer in 1964, in a scenario with parallels to Monroe's.
Angleton's goal was to embarrass and end the Kennedy political dynasty and fortunes in a double play scandal. Perhaps he could end Kennedy's presidency without putting a bullet through his head like he and Mossad did on November 22, 1963 in Dallas' Dealey Plaza.
The goal of the clandestine and criminal operation was twofold. Angleton discovered that Monroe's diary was full of secrets which could prove impossibly embarrassing to the president, and provide a source of rich blackmail. The other feature of the operation was to implicate Bobby, the president's brother, in the murder of Monroe, thus dealing double damage to the Kennedy duo which would most likely shutter their political prospects in 1964 and beyond.
J Edgar Hoover, who worked for the Attorney General, bugged his boss' phone in an attempt to obtain damaging gossip about either Bobby or his brother. That plot was not too successful because Bobby did not have an affair with the actress. His brother, on the other hand, did have an affair according to our source. Yet we take a jaundiced look at many of the allegations of the president and his philandering given that his health and responsibilities severely limited his options in the bedroom. But for the sake of argument we will accept the story.
Before proceeding, it is important to stress that one cannot understand the CIA without understanding its role as a criminal murderous organization. Some of its operatives finally confessed, even Angleton himself opaquely, that they were constantly involved in murder, with the mob as the handmaiden to their crimes. The relationship between organized crime and the CIA is ineffable, indissoluble, and eternal. The CIA and mob are two sides of the same coin.
Consequently, Angleton hired Johnny Roselli and Carlos Marcello to execute the crime against Monroe. Roselli sent thugs to her home who beat and raped her, forcing her to call Bobby Kennedy to her home for important business. After she hung up the phone, they implanted a toxic anal suppository to murder her. With Bobby's expected arrival, police and the press would find the political scandal of the century.
However, a Kennedy loyalist in the Los Angeles police department's intelligence division secured Bobby's escape and the damaging diary. At this point we take exception to our source, as the mob would have likely obtained the diary and brought it to Angleton. The assumption of course is that Roselli's murderers would have left the premises in advance of Bobby. However, it is possible that they remained around in collusion with the police in planning the murder, thus giving them the opportunity to abscond with the diary.
Clearly the police were involved in the murder as a full autopsy would have revealed the rape, and pointed to murder rather than suicide. We also suspect that the beating would have left telltale signs that she had been brutalized.
In any event, the mob was only to happy to assist the CIA in their murder and frame-up job since Bobby's assault on organized crime was not well received in certain mob quarters.
The reason we accept the story, particularly about Angleton, is his known MO. Two years later he would order the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer, former wife of CIA's Cord Meyer, as she had also kept a diary of her affair with John Kennedy, possessing knowledge which could prove embarrassing to official Washington, or contain information useful in blackmail.
This scenario presents a far more plausible and satisfying explanation of her death and the rumors that Bobby had been present at Monroe's house on the night of the murder. The missing element has been Angleton, and the mystery cleared.

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