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On World War 2: The White Knight Is Talking Backwards

While researching some of the darker crevices of World War 2, we have come to the startling conclusion that everything we - the West - have been told about the great conflagration is an utter lie; so much so that the main reason for its perpetration was the genocide of the German people.
In the coming weeks and months, we plan to lay out the case in more detail, but it has become apparent to us that World War 2 was not about Hitler's expansionism and bellicosity. Rather, the Allied powers had drawn up plans before the start of the war to carve up Europe for themselves, one Scandinavia being a region torn asunder by Churchill and Stalin even before hostilities began on September 1, 1939.
Word War 2, like its predecessor was a planned event, engineered by the most sinister forces on the planet, namely the international banksters colluding with elements of the British royals. But the primary players engaged in the war are not the usual suspects, such as the Rockefellers and Bushes, whom we have called out previously. These last named groups clearly played important roles, but there was yet a higher earthly power involved, that being the Rothschild dynasty.
The importance of the Rothschilds owes to their commitment to Zionism, one of 4 major isms along with capitalism, communism, and Nazism, which shaped the late 19th and 20th centuries. Zionism was the organizing principle animating the other isms into position on a grand chess board where control of the world was fought.
Communism was the brainchild of Jewish banksters to help implement Hegel's dialecticalism in world politics in order to rise above the carnage of conflicting ideologies, so that the instigator could triumph with a minimum of expense.
Jews were present in overwhelming proportions to their numbers in the Bolshevist and Communist revolutions in Russia. In fact, they were among the early fomenters of the anti-tsarist movements. Thus, Jews were the dominant force in Soviet politics until after World War 2. Substantial evidence points to Stalin's affairs and marriages to Jews, leaving them in a largely protected position, to say nothing of the positions of power they held through the war.
So while the Soviets eventually turned on them, the Jews were the animating power of the early Soviets.
Nazism is another ism which the plutocrats funded and established, but we are unable at this point to commit to a reason for the support. On the one hand, it may have been the synthesis between capitalism and communism, but on the other it may well have been the antithesis to communism in order to stir up an international conflagration which would leave Europe prostrate and ready for easy control and subjugation.
Nazism could have also been a home grown movement which resisted the controlling powers of the Rothschilds and Warburgs, both Zionist agitators, who introduced communism as a threat to Germany to catalyze the development of a distinct anti-Jewish state, a sucker punch for setting up the Germans for annihilation.
In any event, Germany was targeted for a massive invasion by the Zionists, which required the manipulation of the leading world powers  through various stratagems to position them on the chess board, something accomplished through massive propaganda and concentrated lies by the Allied powers.
When Germany began bombing Britain in what the British would call the Blitz, it had targeted only military sites. Churchill, on the other hand, targeted civilian centers, with the goal of murdering Germans. Hitler responded reluctantly in kind, giving the British a huge propaganda edge with which to goad their country further into a war which the king and prime minister had planned before its start.
Another enormous lie from the war is that of the holocaust. While we have already started to present the evidence for its complete mendacity, further research has confirmed the utter preposterousness of the thesis, namely that Hitler sought to exterminate the Jews.
The hoax is completely backward from the truth. As mentioned, the goal of World War 2 was German genocide. It was no accident that Germany was on the losing end of two world wars. They had been targeted for destruction and occupation early in the century, but since the first attempt failed, there is nothing like trying again.
Now the astute observer will wonder why the British aristocracy, with so much German blood, would be hostile to Germany. We do not have an adequate answer at this time, other than to say that Zionists wielded significant power in the kingdom.
Hans Morgenthau, Rabbi Wise, Franklin Roosevelt, and many other of the Bernard Baruch cabal had drawn up plans to starve Germany for their alleged war crimes. The Zionists had outlined a plan for public trial to humiliate the Germans, and brainwash the world into accepting their lies about Germany, its people, and the holocaust hoax.
Eisenhower implemented much of this plan, noting that his goal was to kill as many Germans as possible. We have already reviewed Other Losses which outlines the way in which he massacred German POWs and civilians.
We come to the question of what drove the Zionists to such genocidal hatred of the Germans. We do not have any satisfactory answers at this point, except to offer the somewhat lame supposition that they were inflamed by the writings of Luther who held Jews is low esteem. The better answer is that they viewed the Germans as a roadblock to the re-establishment of a Jewish state. Or better yet, they chose Germany as the sacrificial lamb upon which to build their lies suckering the world into laying upon them the riches - economic and political - to recreate the Jewish nation.
If the story does not echo the Exodus, we do not know what does.
We believe the Mosaic promise regarding the Jews - YHWH will bless those who bless them, and curse those who curse them. But YHWH has also seen fit to wipe out their nation, and it must be he who restores it. Using the methods of Jacob who swindled the birthright from Esau will not establish the will of YHWH, for therein lies the spirit of the anti Christ.
This outline furnishes an insight into coming posts which will develop these ideas more fully. The scales have dropped from our eyes; World War 2 was completely the opposite of what we thought, with the Allies being the principal aggressors and war criminals.
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