Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Cuban Missile Crisis Hoax

America was brought to the brink of nuclear annihilation in October 1962 when the USSR and USA had come to loggerheads over the matter of Cuba and missiles. The truth is that the episode of Cold War politics was grand theater.
The basic story is well known to most Americans. The Soviet Union under Nikita Khrushchev had placed nuclear missiles in Cuba under the auspices of Fidel Castro, only 90 miles away from the south of Florida. The Kennedy administration found itself faced with the first substantive violation of the Monroe Doctrine in 150 years, to say nothing of a potential nuclear catastrophe.
The story is also a bit more complex because the Soviets were not acting entirely aggressively. They objected to the Titan missiles which the United States had planted in Turkey and elsewhere in Europe near Soviet territories and their vassal states.
Kennedy found himself in a precarious situation after the matter of missiles was first released in the press by people who were not entirely naïve about the situation. The president could not tolerate the presence of these missiles in this hemisphere thereby looking weak to the Soviets. Nor could he act too aggressively with America held virtually hostile to the missile threat.
Kennedy's generals were bellicose, frothing at the mouth for an all out nuclear war. The president, with moral support from his brother, had to face down both the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who were mentally defective, and the Soviets at the same time.
Most Americans know about the back channel communications Kennedy initiated with Khrushchev, bypassing a furious State Department, so we will not rehearse it here. In the end, this ruse is credited for the détente in tensions which kept the world on edge for 2 weeks.
What most Americans do not know is that the crisis was entirely manufactured by the Rockefellers, who not only governed the USSR, but who also, through the CIA, installed their puppet Fidel Castro in power. Most students of history would scoff at the idea of the Rockefellers directing Soviet actions, but we know from sources, such as Charlotte Iserbyt, who observed them in Moscow that they were so common a presence that one high level Soviet scientist thought that they were politburo members.
We have reported elsewhere how the CIA installed Castro as a replacement for Batista, knowing full well that he was a communist. In fact they had trained him as such. Furthermore, George Bush was the bagman who ferried money to the dictator for compensation, arms, and other special concessions. We understand that Bush's handler at the time was E Howard Hunt, one of America's foremost scumbags.
Thus the Rockefellers designed the missile crisis as a gambit to destroy the Kennedy presidency, and to take over America in coup predicated upon abject fear - just as they and their acolytes in the Bush Crime Syndicate would do on September 11, 2001. The Rockefellers assumed that America would acquiesce to a military junta led by Nelson Rockefeller.
Rockefeller's sick mind was on display when he, as chairman of the Office of Civilian Defense, explained to citizen on television how to prepare for nuclear war. Not only did he know that there was no risk of nuclear war, but he demonstrating his complete contempt for Americans as he whipped them into a frenzy over the imminent war.
He assumed that Kennedy would fold like a cheap suit, and when he didn't, resorted to plan B by assassinating him the following year. That is what Nixon meant by the "whole Bay of Pigs thing."
It is important for Americans to know that they were played like a cheap fiddle in the fake Cuban missile crisis. Many government officials were fooled into thinking that they were on the brink of nuclear war, but the truth was quite the opposite. As John Lennon stated it, it was a bunch of mind games.

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