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Meet America's Drug Lords

The documentary In Search of the American Drug Lords is yet another in an avalanche of witnesses documenting the US government’s active involvement in the drug trade. In fact we believe that the US government, under the aegis of the Bush Crime Syndicate, is the world’s undisputed drug dealer.
The US entered the drug business in a big way when it landed in Viet Nam, and may have been one of the leading reasons for plutocratic interest the Southeast Asian peninsula. American GIs’ corpses were routinely used to smuggle drugs into the country during the war. The proceeds of drug sales financed a complex web of illegal and criminal operations, with most of the money laundered through the Nugan Hand banks of Australia.
After consolidating the Southeast Asian trade, the BCS and CIA turned its attention to Central and South America where it came to a head with the Medellin Drug Cartel. The war on drugs during the 1980s was code for war against the Medellin who stood in the way of the CIA’s business expansion plans. They were thus targeted for extermination, the highlight of which was the ouster of Panama’s Manuel Noriega, a former BCS servant.
It is the Barry Seal story which is most fascinating because it traces back to the Kennedy assassination. Barry Seal was recruited by CIA operative and homosexual pedophile David Ferrie who found him in the mid 1950s while commander of the Civil Air Patrol, a CIA front for recruiting for its mob.
A prodigy pilot, earning a license at the age of 15, Seal began drug and arms running between New Orleans and Cuba, a career which lasted until 1987 when the BCS murdered its star pilot. Seal was the pilot who flew some of the Dealey Plaza assassins out of the country immediately after murdering the president.
Seal’s rolodex was a literal who’s who of American politics. At the time of his death, investigators found George Bush’s private telephone number in Seal’s phone book, a fact hushed up by the corporate owned media. Other politicians within Sea’s close orbit included Bill Clinton and Asa Hutchinson. The best speculation of the late 1980s was that Bill Clinton would be the next president as compensation for his eager cooperation with the Mena drug business which the CIA operated to fly drugs and arms to the Contras in Nicaragua.
Clinton’s future was actually secured long before Mena when, disguised as a Rhodes Scholar, he performed services for the CIA by infiltrating anti war groups in Europe, including the USSR.
US Attorney Edwin Meese received one 400,000 USD bribe to help Seal out of a legal jam he faced. Meese is also the criminal who stole the Inslaw Promis software, software said to be the back door into many computer systems. Although we believe that the Promis capabilities have been exaggerated based upon purely technical reasons, it was nevertheless an important software system essential to tracking persons of interest to the US government crime syndicate.
Tony Coelho, the former number 3 Congressman from California, resigned under the cloud of ethics scandals which we believe, based upon reports in the American Drug Lords, was due to connections with Mena.
Seal had a penchant for filming his activities, including one episode at Lake Pontchartrain where David Ferrie, Lee Oswald, and David Atlee Philips were filmed together. The film disappeared from the US House of Representatives when its contents were discovered to be too “controversial.” All 4 men were CIA and connected to the murder of President Kennedy. We must stress that Oswald was not involved in the plot against the president, but his activities intersected with those who were.
Thinking that he had powerful protection from his many films, Seal dropped the hint that he would release their contents if help were not forthcoming in extricating him from his many legal predicaments. Unfortunately this threat did not go over well with George Bush, who promptly ordered him assassinated, much in the same he murdered George DeMohrenschildt sought help from Mr Bush of the CIA.
While Americans may think of drug lords as seedy characters in nether parts of the world, the truth is that they are the best and brightest of America’s elite families, a fact reinforced by the revelations of Kay Griggs, the former wife of a USMC colonel who had many associations with Ollie North who was one of Seal’s many handlers.
Not only are some of America’s politicians among the most powerful drug lords, they include a bevy of political household names. The US government is easily the world’s number 1 purveyor of drugs.
In Search of the American Drug Lords, New Science Ideas, 2005, DVD
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