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The Real Story of the Sinking of the Titanic

Fictional accounts of the sinking of the Titanic explain that the great ship sunk 3 hours after hitting an iceberg, but what they don’t tell you is that Captain Smith deliberately struck the ice in order to sink the ship for its insurance payoff.
The Titanic started life originally as the Olympic, making its maiden voyage in 1911 under the leadership of the incompetent Smith who managed to run the 10,000,000 USD ship into other ships 3 times, the most damaging of which was against the HMS Hawke, an old British destroyer. It is this accident which rendered the ship a permanent liability to its operator White Star Lines.
Bruce Ismay, White Star's president, presided over a company in precarious financial condition, owing in part to a heavy investment in the 2 aforementioned ships plus the Britannic. Fortunately for his fiendish plans, both the Titanic and Olympic were nearly identical twins which could be interchanged if pressed to do so.
He conspired with Captain Smith and Captain Lord of the RMS California to sink the Titanic in the Atlantic on its “maiden” voyage to New York. The plan required that the Olympic be rechristened the Titanic, a ship which was nearing completion in 1912. Fortunately for Ismay, relatively few changes were required to the Olympic to turn it into the Titanic and vice versa.
This form of deception was and is a common form of insurance fraud committed by shipping lines. The inspector for the British Board of Trade which was responsible for seaworthy certifications completed its inspection in less than a day, compared to 2 full days when it was launched a year earlier. This certification came in spite of a smoldering fire in the coal storage bins which would never be extinguished until the ocean liner was sunk a few days later.
Over 50 of the first class passengers made last minute plans to cancel their trips on the maiden voyage which in any event was not far over 50% full. This is an extraordinary shortfall considering that it was the premier ship of the fleet and at a time when emigration to America was a robust business.
More telling, the Zionist mass murderer J P Morgan who owned the ship not only canceled his plans to sail, but he pulled many valuable bronzes he had loaded for return to America. Although he claimed illness as the pretext for his cancelation, a reporter found him 2 days later in France in splendid health cavorting with his mistress.
The other part of the plan required that the passenger ship California speed to a rendezvous to await the distress call of the Titanic after it deliberately hit an iceberg or the fires raged hopelessly out of control. The California carried no passengers or cargo and 3000 wool sweaters. Lord arrived at his assigned location which he communicated to Smith.
The Titanic, despite weather conditions on the night of its April 15 crash, was quite capable of circumnavigating icebergs even at short distances, and its crew quite capable of identifying such dangers 5-10 miles away, despite propaganda to the contrary about invisible black icebergs.
A few days prior to the departure of the Titanic, White Star Lines increased its insurance coverage dramatically to 12.5 million dollars, an amount which Lloyds of London was compelled to pay after the fraud.
When the Titanic crew returned to Britain, White Star photographed each and every one of the crew and compelled them to sign non-disclosure agreements silencing them about the insurance fraud and the switch with the Olympic.
Recent excavations of the Titanic have confirmed the murder of Morgan, White Star, and the hopelessly corrupt British government which covered up Morgan’s and Ismay’s murders of over 1500 people. At least 2 evidences emerge proving that the sunken ship was the indeed the Olympic.
The first is the propeller which is stamped 401, indicating that it belonged to the Titanic. However, we know that the Olympic lost its propeller, which was in turned scavenged from the real Titanic. The second evidence is the grey paint on the hull of the sunken ship which was only used on the Olympic – not the original Titanic.
And finally, photographs reveal under the name of the Titanic two letters MP which can only be that of the Olympic. The evidence of insurance fraud and deliberate sinking of the Titanic is overwhelming.
As a side note, it is interesting to remark that the murderer Morgan did not tell John Jacob Astor, Guggenheim, and Strauss, plutocrats of high standing, about the impending sinking, because Astor and the others were opponents of Morgan’s plans for the Federal Reserve Board – a sinister conspiracy to enslave Americans under a mountain of debt based currency.
Although other details give more substance to the case for fraud and murder, it is very evident that the sinking of the Titanic was more than mere happenstance, and that the murderer Morgan not only sunk the ship for pecuniary gain on his damaged ship Olympic, but also to secure his goose laying the golden eggs at the Federal Reserve. As a psychopath, he didn’t lose a bit of sleep over it.

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